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14th August : Celebrating another year of “lipservice”

on our independence day last year,  i wrote this and is still applicable this year.

ON August 14th

Pakistani Musicians: [The people who “love” Pakistan the most] Hide your jeans and T Shirts.. n if a female singer – all your western  dresses… adorn a White Shalwar Kameez and sing your Love for Pakistan and claim to be a Proud Pakistani.

Way of Celebration: Hold some concerts or TV Shows…. sing one or two patriotic songs…wave some flags, wear a patriotic badge

Pakistanis: [Wearing a patriotic badge…waving the national flag] Instead of working for the country, take a holiday on 14th August and claim your patriotism…I love Pakistan I’m Proud to be Pakistani I will do this for my country.. i will do that for my country…blah blah blah

Way of Celebration: Wave the flags on your bikes, cars, shops and houses. Get rid of the silencers of your motor bikes – head towards sea view. Break all hell loose by destroying everything that comes in your way.. gas stations..sign boards, footpaths, shops in the meanwhile creating traffic jams and creating unbearable noise pollution that make the life of fellow Pakistanis living along Khataban e Ittehad and Sea View miserable.

Pakistani Government: Celebrating 60 years of Independence, We have done this for our country.. that for our country.. itnee Tarraqi huee hai.. itna kaam hua hai.. blah blah..

Way of Celebration :Appear on some TV Show.. reiterate your (fake) love for Pakistan and (non) hardwork you have done. Listen to and shake hands with the respectable female Pakistani singers…

Rest of the Year :

Pakistani Musicians: Pakistan ? What Pakistan… Shalwar Kameez..??? Ewww backwards.. adorn your jeans and shirts, do your utmost to look like western singers or Movie Stars and sing songs of love for your beloved. Make vulgar videos copying western singers and Indians. Throw down in the gutter all social values of being a Muslim and a Pakistani. Go out of Pakistan at every possible opportunity… try to get Indian or American/British/Canadian Nationality so you dont have to live in this country…

Pakistanis: Try and make as much money as possible, by hook or by crook. Defraud, cheat and lie and steal. Steal electricity, take bribes, throw kachra everywhere, spit out paan, break traffic laws. Never get to your office on time.. leave office early, do chutti when ever you want. Celebrate everything and everyday by asking for a public holiday. [If people are given the choice.. they would work once a month- rest of the days should be a public holidy – great service to the nation.!!] If you want to protest.. go set some restaurant on fire or some other shop on fire.
Government of Pakistan: Go back to looting the country.

In the end.. everybody is the same. All our claims are nothing but a lipservice. because lip service is easy, all you need to do is move your tongue. Words like hard Work, punctuality, dedication, sincerity and loyalty do not belong in our dictionary of patriotism.

3 thoughts on “14th August : Celebrating another year of “lipservice”

  1. Do celebrate but give also some of ur time in the event, thinking about the following.

    1. Only country which came into existence as a miracle from ALLAH in the name of ISLAM. (Just go through cabinet mission plan when Quiad Azam left all hopes!).

    2. We have promised ALLAH that we will spend our lives under his rule and system (Implementation of ISLAM) but where is ISLAM????

    3. We have gone through every type of experimentation whether its hopes with America, Britain, IMF Europe in the forms of ( Secularism, Interest based Capitalistic Democracy (Biggest ever shirk), Feudal lord based system, Mixture of communist based controlled capitalistic democracy, worst dictatorships etc) but never lokked at ALLAH, Betray him since 61 years. Thats why he put Nifaq (Hypocrisy) and Humiliation in entire nation now and also give us a jerk before in 1971 .

    4. Biggest Munafiq country on the face of earth as no other country write down the clauses of ALLAH Sowerency, and Quran/Sunnah Legalization and then never ever follow them!!!!!

    5. ALLAH has given us so many chances “Atomic weapons”, Agricultural Assets, Minerals Assests but alas we never implement his divine laws and now i am afraid that ALLAH just replace cowards like us by someother people as this is the ALLAHS Sunnah.

    But hope for the mercy and pray plus work hard in doing something for ALLAHs DEEN.

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