Weak and Fabricated Hadiths regarding Shab e Baraat

Source : Reality of Shabaan

Rasool Allah saw said: “Who ever knowingly attributes a lie to me then he should make his abode in hell” ( Bukhari)


The following are some of the weak and fabricated hadiths and saying about Shabaan which are famous and are narrated frequently and are attributed to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

However, these are NOT the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (s) – as regards to authenticity they are either WEAK or FABRICATED (Lies)

Weak Hadiths and fabricated hadiths should not be quoted as hadiths as it is equivalent to attributing a lie to Rasool Allah (saw) and is a major sin.



  1. Oh Allah, Bless for us the month of Rajab and Shaban and grant us the month of Ramadan”
  2. The superiority of Shabaan over other months is like my superiority over other prophets.
  3. When the night of 15th of Shabaan arrives, then pray during the night and fast during the day
  4. There are five nights during which no invocation (dua ) is rejected, the first night of rajab,the night of 15th of Shabaan, the night of Friday, the night of Eid ul fitr and the night of Eid of sacrifice.
  5. Jibreeel alayhis salam came to me and said – this is the night of 15th of Shabaan and in this night the as many people are freed from hell as the amount of hair on the goats (of the tribe) of banu kalb.
  6. Oh Ali (Radiallahu Anhum) whoever prays a hundred rakat on the night of 15th Shabaan and in that prayer he recites Surah Ikhlaas (Qul Ho Wallahu Ahad) a thousand time, then Allah Tala will fulfill all his needs which he asks that night.
  7. Whoever recites Surah Ikhlaas one thousand times on the 15th of Shabaan, then Allah will send hundred thousand angels to him who will give him the glad tidings (of paradise)
  8. On the 15th of Shabaan, whoever prays three hundered rakat prayer ( according to another tradition it is twelve rakat) and in every rakat he recites Surah Ikhlaas thirty times, then his intercession for 10 people who were destined for hell will be accepted.!
  9. Shabaan is my month
  10. Who ever stays up for worship on the night of Eid and the night of 15th of Shabaan, then his heart will not become dead (on the day) when every other heart will become dead.
  11. Whoever stays up for worship on the five nights, then paradise will become a must (wajib) for him. The night of Taroiah, Night of Arafah,Night of sacrifice, night of eid ul fitr and the night of 15th of Shabaan.


May Allah have mercy on us all. All of the above mentioned hadiths on fasting and doing worship at night on the 15th of Shabaan are Weak (Daif) and unauthentic. We should be very clear that there isn’t a single “Sahih” hadith about this day which may be used to accept and recognize these acts of worship.


Considering the status of these hadiths it can be stated that fasting especially on the 15th of shabaan and doing worship during the night of 15th of shabaan is an extreme innovation (Biddat) which has no basis whatsoever in the sunnah and should be avoided.


Misconceptions and Facts about Shabaan and Shab e Baraat


4 thoughts on “Weak and Fabricated Hadiths regarding Shab e Baraat

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  2. wow, but should we avoid everything in a weak hadith?? It also depends on the origin of the hadith and also the reason why they are weak.

  3. Different imam’s have different criteria to judge if a hadith is Mutawatir, Sahi, Good or Weak.

    There are basically two things you need to look to Judge a hadith… Isnad and Matn

    Isnad refers to the completeness of the chain of narrators and the reputation of each individual narrators within the chain of oral tradition that goes back to the eye witness of the act or saying of Muhammad.

    The matn refers to the text of narration. Even if there were a technical flaw in a hadith, it does not necessarily mean that the hadith is not an authentic one. Authenticity and weakness are two different concepts.

    Usually Hadith having 4 or 5 strong chains Is regarded as ‘Mutawatir’, which is said to be the most Authentic form of Hadith, and which are quite few.

    We should keep in mind that Sahi Bukhari and Sahi Muslim or any book of hadith is book made by man which is bound to have mistakes. Also the work done by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim was not to compile only the authetic hadith, but to compile all the hadith (good or bad) wherever they can get it from.

    Allah Knows Best.

  4. Asslamu Aleikum.I think we should all take the posted ahadith and do a thorough research regarding on their authenticity. Anyone interested in knowing more of these weak narrations, please contact me at elshaabaz@gmail.com or
    Ramadhan Karim.

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