‘Shabe Baraat’ is actually Persian for ‘Lailatul Qadr’

Lailatul Qadr and Shab e Baraat are infact two names of the same night:

The night on which the Quran was revealed is termed “Lailatul Qadr” in Surah Qadr in the Quran. When Lailtul Qadr is translated in Persian Language : Lailatul became Shabb and Qadr became “Baraat”. Thus Shab e Baraat is the Persian translation of Lailatul Qadr.

This is the night on which Quran was revealed, it is a night of great blessing and it falls in the last 10 days of Ramadan.Thus there is no reality in celebrating the night of 15th of shabaan, because Shab e Baraat actually falls in Ramadan.


Translation of Tafsir Surah Dukhaan, Taiseer ul Quran , Vol 4, pg. 176 by Molana Abdul Rehman Kelani.

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