The Smiling Sky

Picture source: BBC News

Two planets Venus and Jupiter were at conjunction and  mimicked a “double star” and were only 2 degrees apart and the crescent moon below them gave the appearance of a smiling face on 1st Dec, 08…a beautiful sight indeed.

“This week’s planet conjunction marks the second time this year that Venus and Jupiter have mimicked a brilliant “double star” in our sky. Back on February 1st, they appeared together in the eastern sky before dawn. At that time they nestled even closer together — only ½° apart.

The last time these two planets were paired in the evening sky and easily seen was September 2005, when they appeared about 1½° apart. They won’t be this close together and well placed for evening viewing again until May 2013 (1° apart).”

Source: Sky and Telescope


2 thoughts on “The Smiling Sky

  1. It was very beautiful and easily visible. The planets wee the most prominent and bright as comparesd to the stars around. Anyone who had looked at the sky would have seen it!

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