Kids Land Islamic Edutainment for kids

Assalamu Alaykum,


We are happy to announce the launching of Kids Land – An Islamic Edutainment Website for Children. Children are a greatest blessing of Allah and the young blood has more potential of learning and implementing Islam to the fullest. They are our resource of the future. In this modern age children have a lot of distractions and entertainment which is not halal. Keeping this in mind, Kids Land has been developed which provides children with Islamic interactive stories as well as games and quizzes which will enhance their knowledge and information on Islam. There is also a section to tell the children about Islam, Quran and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him)in a simple and interesting way to make them love Islam and Seerah. Inshallah we will be adding more new stuff to Kids Land to provide Muslim children with quality edutainment.

Please do visit this website and let us know what you think.




3 thoughts on “Kids Land Islamic Edutainment for kids

  1. i am so happy to have this because my child use to play other games wich are not islamic games but now she goes on islamic things and these are one of them

    gazakallah (thanks)

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