GOOGLE.COM is the owner of YOUTUBE.COM and has an attorney firm on some type of financial arrangement trying to scare people into giving them their website domain names if they contain anything with the sound or appearance of the words like “tube”, “you”, “youtoo”, “youtube”, “tubeyou” or even words like “tub”, if connected in some way with anything like “U“.

Since 2006, we have had our website domains for Islam containing many combinations considered by these attorneys to be within these categories. When you own over 5,000 domains, it is not hard to fall into that range depending on the subject matter.

We have been operating this site (YOUTUBEISLAM.COM) for over three and half years, without using any of their Google Ads, Yahoo! ads, and without advertising on their website ad program.

And we also have strict rules about videos to be placed on the site. It is 100% child safe and no attacking any religions or beliefs.

Bottom line: NO JUNK

In spite of that, our little website became very popular with even non-Muslims. Everywhere we go people tell us how much they appreciate having something of this high moral value, excellent quality and professional approach to presenting Islam.

We have had wonderful and amazing success in helping people come to Islam, Al Hamdulillah. Our little website has managed to grow to the number one position in many search engines (including Google’s) and show videos of Islam being uploaded by the visitors themselves.

Can you imagine my shock when I opened up an email telling me our website domain name (YOUTUBE.COM) is being taken over byGOOGLE and their video site – YOUTUBE?
Here is more or less what we were told:

NOTICE: Effective August 5th, 2009 Google (owner of YouTube.com) will take over your domain name:YOUTUBEISLAM.COM.

Although we have purchased the name “YOUTUBEISLAM.COM” and have renewed for several years through GODADDY.COM it seems GOOGLE has enough influence to just simply take our domain name from us – and by the way, we have even paid for it all the way through to next year.

Since earlier this year, Google’s law firm has been trying to give us a hard time in hopes we would just hand over a million dollar website for free – to them so they can advertise on it and propagate nonsense against Islam.

First they said our logo and images were identical to theirs – a big lie. They don’t have anything even close to what we have. Our logo is animated with blue moving rectangle behind it, all on a dark background. Look at their site and compare for yourself.

Then they changed their direction and called us up on the phone saying we should give them the domain because they are owned by Google, the biggest and most powerful company on the Internet and they can make it difficult for anyone who gets in their way.

Then they came up with the idea that our domain name sounded too much like theirs and it was confusing people who use the Internet.

For that reason, went to the controllers of the Internet itself with their claim and requested what is called “arbitration”.

Come on now…

Does anyone really have trouble making a distinction between the word “youtube” and “youtubeislam“?

Fact is, Google got sued for exactly what they claimed we were doing – but in their case there really was no difference in the sound.

The name they bought (for 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS) is known as YOUTUBE.COM and the company who sued them had their own domain on the Internet for ten years before they did – as UTUBE.COM.

Go ahead, pronounce them one after the other and ask someone if they can tell the difference.

And Google’s own search engine could not avoid putting it on top of any search with the words “islam” and “you” or “tube”.

They hated that. Why? Because they didn’t get to make money or attack Islam out of the deal.

Without notification in advance, our server, Godaddy.com sent an email stating due to a decision made by arbitration on the Internet, they are saying they are going to give our domain name to GOOGLE.COM.

Ramadan is almost here – what will we do about this? Will they use our sites to make more money from advertising haram things and allowing videos attacking Islam and everything it stands for?

Our websites are dedicated to presenting Islam in simple English terms, without charge and without advertising.

Maybe – Maybe NOT

We will let the courts decide what is legal and who is the rightful owner ofYoutubeISLAM.com

In the meantime, we encourage all the believers to remember only Allah gives victory and whoever believes in Allah and is working righteousness will never fail, inshallah.

Just pray for us and keep sharing the message and let people know – we will not give up.

Meanwhile we have other websites for videos – a lot of websites for videos.

Even if we no longer have the name YOUTUBEISLAM.COM > we do have other names (lots of them) to put in its place, like www.ISLAMYOUTUBE.COM

Why not copy this story and send it to everyone you know?

How about contacting your local news papers, radio and TV stations, tell everyone you know on the forums, blogs, websites, emails and text messages SMS.

Jazakallah kair was salam alaykum,

Yusuf Estes

Google takes YOU from YOUTUBEISLAM

We recently lost a website name to Google (they own YOUTUBE) and we have a great site to replace our former site – with another one that is also “Ad Free” and without compromising things against the moral teachings of Islam (and no attacks either).

The name is: Tu Be Islam and when we put it all together it is: www.TUBEISLAM.com

If you could just copy this email and then forward it on to all the Muslims you know before Ramadan, they would be happy, inshallah, to be able to find all the videos they uploaded and a great place to find things they need in this month of fasting.

Jazakallah khair was salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes.


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