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Five Reasons Why Pakistan is in Such A Mess

Prophet Muhammad (s) said:

Oh group of Muhajireen, I seek refuge in Allah for you from five following things:

Cause of New diseases and pandemics like dengue fever, swine flu ,aids etc

“In a nation where immorality becomes widespread and publicly immoral activities start taking place( unislamic dress code, free mixing,music,dancing,theatre,movies,billboards,dating,flirting, fornication,adultry) then Allah will send plague and other such diseases which never affected the people before them.”

Cause of corrupt government and president

“Those people who cheat in measurements and weight(cloth,fruits,vegetable sellers,electricity etc) Allah will send famine and financial difficulties to them and will install a cruel  king over them.”

Cause of Wheat Sugar Crisis

“Those people who stop giving zakat on their wealth, Allah Tala stops the rain from them. If it was not for the cattle, then it would have never rained for them.”

Cause of American interference drone attacks on our soil

“Those people who break their oaths (say the kalimah but do not act as Muslims,mutual agreements etc), Allah tala sends an out side enemy over them who snatches away some of the things under their control.”

Cause of religious intolerance and disunity

“When their scholars leave the  religion of Allah and stop acting upon the Quran, then Allah Tala causes them to fight amongst themselves”

This hadith has been recorded in Sunan Ibn Majah with somewhat different words but same meanings.

(Translated from Dawa-e-Shaafi – Urdu Translation of the Arabic book Al Jawab Al Kafi Le mun Sa’ala An-nid Dawa e Shaafi by Imam Ibn Al Qayyium Al Jawziyah , Chap 13, p 117)

Listen to Explanation of this book by Dr.Farhat Hashmi here

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2 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Pakistan is in Such A Mess

  1. Why is the real reason missing from the list …. ?

    What about some talk on the real reason …… ?

    Pakistan is in a mess because of its evil policies of the past.

    Why don’t you Pakistanis talk about the terrorist breeding program in Pakistan … ?

    It is all the fault of the Americans, right …………. ?

    How about the policy of using these terrorist as instrument of Foreign policy against India and Afghanistan …… ?

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