Homeschooling rant

Assalamu Alaykum…Okay so I have not seriously blogged since ages and I can’t believe that I used to be such a regular blogger. Firstly I did not have time to blog..reason.. Motherhood! Some say that your life ends when your kids’ life starts! Hehe it surely does happen, but then soon after you life takes over a new leaf and a totally new life begins. Seriously no bachelor or bachelorette can EVER truly understand what it’s like to be a parent. It is ONLY after you have kids that you realize what being a parent truly means and the heaviest responsibility Allah has kept on your shoulders..of nurturing righteous muslims..

Children are a gift from Allah and they are an ‘amanah’. We have to raise them right on the true deen, so they are aware of their Creator and what living Islam truly means. That is why when my daughter turned 2.5, I searched and searched for a right ‘Islamic School’.l admitted her in ‘Reflections’, a good Islamic school in Karachi. But Allah had other plans for me..

No sooner had a month passed that I learned we had to move out of Karachi. We didn’t really have other options. so here I am , writing this post from Islamabad. Its a beautiful, peaceful city. Alhamdulilah Allah has blessed me with so much I can’t thank Him enough. I am truly loving it here. Everything is just perfect – just perfect ..for homeschooling.

I used to think that homeschooling was only for those muslim families living in the west with no options of Islamic schools, but I was surprised to know that there were homeschooling families in Pakistan Then i came acroand lots and lots of blogs of homeschooling muslim moms. SubhanAllah! I felt ashamed.. they were doing SO MUCH and their kids MashaAllah so advanced and learning everything right in the protective nest of their own home, especially their deen and truly loving everything.

Now we are in Islamabad…my daughter is out of school and I have decided to homeschool her.InshaAllah.

Homeschooling is not what I used to think or what most people think it is. It is not a school-at-home where the mom stands in front of the blackboard from 9-1 teaching. No, its a ‘dynamic’ learning environment and much much more. There is still a lot of reading, thinking, organizing and planning to do and decisions to make.. but InshaAllah may Allah make it easy for me to homeschool my children. It is a challenge.. no doubt it is, but it was the kids who made me ‘unemployed’..but Allah has ’employed’ me now for my own kids. What could be a better job than that!


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