The Homeschooling journey begins…


Ok, so finally I have taken the homeschooling plunge! With two young ones,daughter  A 3 years  and son  H 1.3 years old , homeschooling seems like an uphill task.

A attended school for around five months in Karachi and then we moved to Islamabad and it was when I moved here and attended a homeschoolers meet up  that I decided to give homeschooling a try, for atleast one year and see how things turn up.

There are many reasons why I feel homeschooling is best for A at the time being and there are certain things which I realized only after her school started and that led me to eventually opt for homeschooling.

Firstly, I felt terrible for sending her to school to be looked after by strangers when she needed help for even basic things like using the toilet. I wondered how can an ‘aya’ look after my doll and clean her up properly just the way i would, no that was not possible. I was also more concerned about the tahara factor, because I would change her clothes if any  drops came on her clothes..but would an aya even bother? I don’t think so.

Secondly, she was the youngest in class and she seemed to be intimidated by other children. My noisy chirpy and over confident girl, who had no qualms talking to complete strangers on the street and greeting shop keepers, gardeners and other strangers she came acrooss, was very quiet and reserved in class.  She was not social at all in school and this is one thing which I am still not able to understand properly, why such a change of personality in school and at home!?? Because of her shyness, she did not speak much at all and it seemed that she did not know her stuff!

There was nothing really ‘Islamic’ being taught at the Nursery level, where as I realized that at such a young age, the memorization and absorption is the strongest, so why not teach our deen and make full use of these precious years? I realized that at very young ages home-schooled children were very aware of their deen MashaAllah! I was very much inspired by UmmiSubhana and UmmiMaimoonah. MasahAllah they have raised such able and such knowledgeable girls at such a young  age!

Then there were the school timings.A has been suffering from night terrors since as far as I can remember , probably 1.5 or 2 and due to this, taking a small nap in the afternoon was a must and she used to take a nap between 12 and 1:00, but due to the school timings from 9:30 – 1:00, her whole routine was disrupted and  it was too long for a 2.5 yr old. By the time she arrived back home by 1:40, changed and had lunch, she was so over exhausted that she just was unable to nap in the afternoon and the result of which was terrible night terrors and dreary mornings!

Last but not the least, even a Islamic school can not provide a truly Islamic environment, with children coming from different backgrounds and different levels of ‘islamic’ home environment, it really seems useless to send your child to an Islamic school where her class mates are discussing movies and TV and bollywood and singing songs.

The thing that really hit home were John Holts book: How Children Fail , which truly opened my eyes to see the flaws of the ‘schooling’ system and it gave a little explnation of how and why my daughter’s behavior changed in school.I would recommend every parent and every teacher to read his books!

These are just some of the reasons why I have decided to homeschool my daughter and see how it goes for at least a year. May Allah make this journey easy for me and my kids and I really want to keep checking my intention that I am doing this for the sake of Allah alone, to raise upright kids who would serve Allah’s deen and become my greatest source of sadqa e jariya. Ameen


2 thoughts on “The Homeschooling journey begins…

  1. Very inspiring Mash’ Allah… Please try and share a few tips as well for homeschooling, as in which aspects to be covered and where should one kick a start from.
    Jazak Allah Khair..

  2. Assalaamo alaikum. I like your post. I am also a mother of two who has been homeschooling her kids in islamabad for the past 9 years. I have learnt a lot on my own just praying and following the guidance i receive Alhamdolillah. But i was also very blessed to meet another amazing homeschooling mother here a few years back and she has been so generous with resources and ideas Mashallah . And recently i have also tremendously benefitted from the pinterest boards of other homeschooling moms around the world. So I wonder if any other homeschooling mothers would like to start a homeschooling co-op here in islamabad? Jazakumullah

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