Homeschooling through storytelling

The bulk of my home-schooling is currently going on through story telling, as A lovess them! She is captivated by stories which  I mostly tell her at bed time and afternoon naptime. I keep the stories short and interesting and try to put in as much emotions into them as I can. Within a short span of time, within a month she has become familiar with quite a few Islamic figures. The  Islamic stories which I am telling her these days are as follows:

  • Story of Creation
  • Story of Prophet Adam (as)
  • Story of Shaitan – the bad Jinn
  • Story of Nooh (as)
  • Story of Yunus (as)
  • Story of Ibrahim (as)
  • Story of Musa & Firaun (as)
  • Story of Birth of Muhammad (s) and few facts about his life
  • Story of Cave of Hira.
  • Story of Al Isra Wal Mairaj
  • Discussion on Jannah

She also has a few story books on the above mentioned stories, but I find the stories not written very nicely so as to captivate the young mind. She mostly skims through these books looking at pictures and asking me lots and lots of questions. The other day she asked  her father.. “aboo app mujhay Masjid ul Aqsa laijaingay??” Aboo will you take me to Masjid e Aqsa! … this just proves how much children retain from stories and how much it affects them and how they want to re enact the stories they listen to. 🙂


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