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How I stopped my three year old from scribbling on walls!

The first challenge of my homeschooling journey was to stop A from scribbling on the walls, floor and furniture because were were renting… I had been trying to make her stop writing on the walls and other places since she was 1, but nothing seemed to work! I explained, I punished, I ignored.. i tried everything, but the second I turned my head she would be at it! Dadis and Nanis houses are a testimony to that! ahh and don’t ask how Mr.Mamoo would be angry to find scribbles on his sofa and walls! The only solution I found was to not give her anything to write with. Her crayons, pens, markers everything was kept hidden…but this greatly affected her learning to write skills and I realized that not giving her crayons or markers was not the solution. Then I found this book, Parenting through story telling and then I made up stories of a boy and a girl, how the girl would make beautiful drawings and paintings and was appreciated by all and how the boy would always write /paint on the walls…i did this for about a month and in the end always associated my daughter with the good girl..and Alhamdulilah it seemed to have worked
BUT…my 1 year old son is now at it and no storytelling would work at such a young age! The minute he gets his hands on a pen or a pencil he is at the walls…so much for a clean house .. AHHH
Once Upon a time..Parenting through storytelling by Hoda Beshir
It can be downloaded from here


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