Week 1: Islamic Pre School Curriculum

For A who just turned 3 in January, I have been trying to follow the Islamic Pre School Curriculum updated by Umm Maimoonah, originally designed by Umm Ibrahim atTalibideen Jr. May Allah reward these sisters who did all the hardwork! Special thanks toUmmi Subhana for introducing me to it and encouraging me and supporting me in my homeschooling journey!

However, because of H and A’s moody temprament, we are doing things completely unstructured. Mostly  I just am not able to  read up/organize and print out.Plus H just does not let me use the laptop as he just wants to bang on the keyboard and I have a million other house chores and cooking and making the kids EAT.. .. its like im trying to make them EAT all day long….when I do get time and when H is sleeping I sit down with A and  do some activity. So following is what we have done from Week 1, yes it took us quite some time!

  • A already knows Who is Allah and Where is Allah. We just practised in Arabic. We have a lot of discussions about Allah. We also listened to a Nasheed Allahu Rabbi from Kids Land, she memorized it quickly and I found her humming it while playing :-) I usually just play the Nasheeds from Kids Land while the kids are playing and A just starts humming along!
  • We did the mini book Who is Allah from A Muslim Child i born. I spoke while she colored. She does not know how to read or write, she just scribbles and is really impatient while coloring, she just wants to go next next page! Sigh.. i don’t know how to handle this.
  • She painted in the name Allah in arabic.
  • She wanted to paste, so I just came up with different things for her to paste.
  • She also did writing exercise on her wipe clean Writing book. She loved it and regulary did this for 3/4 days.
  • We also started the scrap book on 99 Names of Allah.
  • She already knows Surah Ikhlas. I am just trying to improve her Tajweed (Pronunciation) so that she recites it properly without mistake. I used Juz30 Software for repeating each verse a number of times and looping the Surah as well. Juz30 software is excellent for memorization. She would sometimes repeat after it while playing and at times she would come and stand in front of the laptop and see each verse as it is displayed on screen.
  • Ever since she turned 3, she is playing on her quite a lot and especially loves to sit in a carboard box and play pretend.. boat. She puts all her stuffed animals in it too.. I think she is mimicking the story of Nuh alayhis salam (Noah) Little H, bothers her alot and keeping taking her toys out and wanting to get in or out!


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