“I like Allaah.. mama.”

The main focus of my homeschooling is instilling a love for Allah in my children.Today when she said  ’ I like Allah.. mama’ this made me soo happy Alhamdulilah and once when I scolded her for a major disaster, she said crying… mujhay Allah paass jana hai! I want to go to Allah! SubhanAllah. Today while listening to the story of Ibrahim alayh salam at bed time, she also asked me if Allah is in the Kaabah because that is Allah’s house, she already know that Allah is up above the heavens on His Arsh, so i just explained to her that Allah is not in the Kabah, its the direction we pray in. It a masjid and all masjids are houses of Allah because we worship Allah there!

These are some books on Allah which I have been reading out to her and these days she is obsessed with the story of Ibrahim (as). She listens to it from me at bed time and also intently watches the story of Ibrahim (as) Zaky DVD. She also says that she wants to be Allah’s friend, just like Ibrahim (as)


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