Winter Season Activity

I have been telling A about winters, showing her trees and leaves and grass and explaining how its cold so we need to wear warm clothes.  Since these days she is too much into pasting I decided to do winter season pasting activity with her. I just printed out clipart of winter and she pasted away.

Since it doesn’t snow here, I explained to her what snow is and it snows in Murree and then we also saw vidoes of kids playing in the snow, making snow man and skating and skiing etc. She really wanted to make a snow man and said she wants to go to Murree! Then we also did a paper doll and dressed her up in winter clothes. A was quite excited about the paper doll..but she wanted to glue the clothes on the doll as well!! hehee then I explained to her how we will keep changing the dolls clothes. The clothes still kept coming off though, so im thinking of using paper clips to keep them in place.

We also did coloring in winter printouts. Howe ver I seem to be doing most of the coloring as A just doesn’t have the patience to complete the picture. Just a few scribbles and she is ready to go the ‘next’ page!  One way I have learned to tackle this is to not give her a coloring book or  more than one sheet! There is however improvement in her coloring. First she used to pick one color and color all with the same and now she is Alhamdulilah picking and choosing colors! Coloring has to be done when H is sleeping or is kept busy with aboo in the other room otherwise he also wants to color in the SAME page and loves to scribble on the walls!

If things work out we will InshaAllah visit Murree and see snow for real!



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