Phenomic Awareness.. the missing step

A is able to recognize some letters but I felt that she was not able to link the sounds to real objects. She knew a is for apple but it was from memory, she has a very sharp memory MashaAllah and usually memorizes a lot of things without  much effort. She did not  understand that apple began with the sound ‘a’. I realized this when she was unable to do her worksheets and mostly when she was unable to proceed to the third lesson on reading eggs. I was quite worried. Then I read on K5 that Phenomic awareness was  a pre-requisite to reading, even BEFORE knowing Phonics. I tried to do the phenomic awarenessi lesson on k5 with A, but she just did not understand. Then I read on a website.. a simple game to play.. begins with game.. just a simple verbal game. You just take an object and say.. orange begins with O O O Orange.. Ball begins with  B B B Ball.. and so on. Two days of playing this game .. Alhamdulilah she finally understood the link between the letters and the words!

We played begins with game today again and afterwords read Jolly Stories. It was my good luck that I found this book in really good condition at a second hand book shop and got it for Rs.100 only! less than a pound, where as the new book costs Rs. 1000+

She enjoys this book alot and usually gets stuck on the  ’n’ page. For some reason she is intrigued by the ‘dark’ night scenes . in mostly all the books. she recognizes s a t and n howvere she is still a little confused between m and n. She also confuses b with d.. butI havent really serioslly done any of these letters with her, so InshaAllah she will improve.

Today she did lesson 3, 4 and 5   on reading eggs MashaAllah with just a teeny weeny help from me. She is not very quick with the mouse pad and it takes a lot of time and needs A LOT of patience, which she usually doesn’t  have.. but with a lot of support and encouragement and YOU CAN DO IT attitude she did it by herself. MashaAllah.


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