Schools Kill Creativity!


This made so much sense and gave me lots of encouragement to start homeschooling my daughter. There is one thing that I noted in my daughter which now makes sense to me. After four months of schooling when I met her teacher, she told me that she needs to work on quantity..  i.e. she could not count objects correctly, but when i tested her at home asking her to give me 4 tomatoes.. or to tell me how many fingers i had up.. she told me correctly! but when i gave her the  school workbook to count the pictures of bees… she went  one .. four..five.. eight! :S DUH.. what happened.. it was only after reading holts book did i realize what was hapenning.

This is what schools do to a child numb their brain…as John Holt says:

For children, the central business of school is not learning, whatever this
vague word means; it is getting these daily tasks done, or at least out of the
way, with a minimum of effort and unpleasantness. Each task is an end in
itself. The children don’t care how they dispose of it. If they can get it out of
the way by doing it, they will do it; if experience has taught them that this
does not work very well, they will turn to other means, illegitimate means,
that wholly defeat whatever purpose the task giver may have had in mind.
With a workbook in front of her…her mind said this is school.. hence the wrong answers, which is why homeschooling is the way Alhamdulilah.



3 thoughts on “Schools Kill Creativity!

  1. Assalamo’alaykum,

    Is there a way to view these videos except youtube. It’s still not working in Pakistan, and Hotspot shield is not working for me

  2. I’ve been reading your posts for a few days – especially about misconceptions in Islam and a bunch of others. As a psychology student at university, I clearly understand your point. Mainstream schooling has its drawbacks, and it has been commercialised over the years. Nonetheless, I am not sure if children should attend mainstream school or learn at home for the following reasons:

    No interaction with other children so no competition and socialisation at home
    Lack of ability to work in groups.

    No motivation as there is no competition. (although there might have some other motivations at home).

    Families who have less money and parents are required to find a job as it’s very obvious in current economic situation worldwide.

    High school students face more difficulty if parents lack required specific skills for a particular subject, chemistry, for example.

    It doesn’t mean I am against homeschooling…to me, mainstream schooling is no good either.

    Perhaps, we need to find a new way to education our children under supervision of parents, so they know what their children are doing. Something with combined benefits of both homeschooling and traditional schooling is extremely important for better future of our children.

    And finally, i would like to appreciate you for your efforts. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up.

    I’d love to hear from you.


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