Homeschooling Pre Schoolers – Beginners Guide


This was a reply to a sister who asked about  guide to books for homeschooling her 4 year old daughter. I hope many will find this useful InshaAllah

First of all I want you to read this post about schooling very young children which I wrote. I highly recommend that you read all the articles that I have mentioned in this post. Homeschooling the not so still
First test your daughter to see if her proprioceptive sytem is developed or not based on articles in the link above..if it is, her brain is developed for complex activities like reading,writing,spelling n maths, then you start these, using the montessori method. If its not, then let her play n do lots of outdoor activities and read aloud to her.
I would suggest that you buy lots of reading material and read aloud to her:
Islamic Material:
  • The Emaan Reading series of Bilal Philips. Buy ALL the levels. Pre K to Level 6. Would you believe that my 3.9 year old daughter enjoys the read aloud of Level 5 books and insists on me reading Level 6! They are available from AFAQ.  I got the whole series for around 7000  Rs.
  • Buy Islamic story books from Goodword and Darussalam.
  • Visit Dawah books in Khadda Market,Karachi  and buy other Islamic story books by international publishers.
  • I found Allah the creator and Hilmy the Hippo series beautifully narrated with an interesting story line that keeps the childrens interest. Some books by them are available at dawah Books.
  • You can also follow this Islamic Curriculum designed by a Muslim homeschooling mom.
  • You can buy really great products from Smart Ark and Learning Roots and Mini Mumin However, they are not available anywhere in Pakistan unfortunatley ( some titles may be available at Dawah books). So you will have to order online.
  • English:
  • You can use Jolly Phonics to teach Phonics grammar etc. You can buy their products from the ELC/Mothercare shop at ZamZama.
  • Buy Moveable Alphabets, Magnetic Alphabets, White board, black board & magnetic board
  •  Buy lots of used story books from Sunday Bazaar and read aloud.
  • Use Montessori methods for teaching writing, such as sand papers, writing on suji/rice etc. If she is not interested in reading or writing, please do not force her,test her brain development as mentioned earlier.
  • There are lots of online reading programs like Reading Eggs. I tried the trial version but realized my daughter was then always wanting to hog the laptop! So I would not recommend online programs because they can be addictive and not very healthy for kids to be in front of the computer screen for so long. But its upto you.
  • Get Arabic books from Goodword and Darussalam from the Darussalam and Al Balagh book shop in Karachi.
  • Download Arabic Nasheeds for kids so they get used to hearing Arabic and learn the accent/pronunciation. Look for Salma nasheeds,nasheeds by mishary rashid etc.
  • Visit and make her watch the stories of Prophets and other things on this Arabic only website.
  • visit for Arabic arts and crafts and a lot more homeschooling ideas.

3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Pre Schoolers – Beginners Guide

  1. Assalamoalaikum im from islamabad pakistan. Can u plz guide me for a full curriculum. Where can i buy it from? I want to homeschool my 3 year old son.

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