Story of Prophet Muhammad and the First Wahi for Young Children

Assalamu Alaykum,

This was one of the first stories I narrated to my daughter when she turned 3. I kept the story simple and to the point. My focus is on Allahs love and mercy therefore I refrained from mentioning death. After hearing this story a number of times, soon she memorized the names of all the important personalities in the life of our beloved Prophet Sallallahu alayhe wasallam and also the first few verses of Surah Alaq.

I wrote down what I narrate to her and this is for the parents to read and narrate in their own words. Add lots of emotions and voice variations to make the story interesting and capture the imagination of the young child. Make sure to recite the Quranic Ayahs with proper tajweed and soon your little one will memorize it too.

May Allah accept this small endeavour from me and make it beneficial to all Muslim parents out there.

Just for inspiration and some laughs (you will know why when you listen) I am sharing this voice clip of me narrating this story when Aaminah was 3 years old.


Umm Aaminah

Storyof Birth Of Prophet Muhammad and the First Wahi


3 thoughts on “Story of Prophet Muhammad and the First Wahi for Young Children

  1. And did you tell her about the little girls burnt to death in their school in Nigeria, by Allahs Brave Warriors. Or about the little girl (7yrs old) beaten to death by a CLERIC in Saudi Arabia. You are brainwashing your little girl, which is tantamount to child abuse. This is where it starts, reinforcing the narrative, child remembers names. Child wants to please her Dad. You should be ashamed of yourself. There is no substitute for a childs love and no substitute for the truth.

    • First of all I am NOT a dad, brainwashing my child, I am a mother telling my daughter stories from my holy book the Quran and the Life of my Prophet. If you call this brainwashing so BE IT.

      Please DO NOT confuse Islam with a few barbaric acts of a few Muslims. Islam is a religion of peace and does not promote violence of any sort UNLESS it is self defence. I would suggest you listen to this debate about Islam and Violence.

  2. Wa alaykumussalaam
    This is Fantastic.. Exactly what i need for My Nephew! May Allah swt Reward you highly.. Have you got Other Stories in Simple Form?

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