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Hajj Tips: Resources for Preparing for Hajj Rites


Hajj, for many, is once in a lifetime journey. So you want to be well prepared. People think its all about the packing, no doubt it is important, but what you need to be preparing for, are two thing : Hajj Rites and Rituals and secondly the Spiritual connection with Allah and the change in you from Hajj. This post focuses on the Hajj Rites and how and where to prepare for them.

Rasool Allah Sallalahu Alayhewasallam perfomed Hajj just once in his life and he thoroughly explained each and every aspect and ritual. But now a days, with so many sects and groups..every one seems to have their own version of Hajj rituals and rites and duas. So you will have differnt people telling you many different things during Hajj and this will lead to nothing but confusion. You will not  know who is right and who is wrong. You will not know who to follow. People will be telling you things which are poles apart! So the only solution is to be well informed. Your knowledge should be deep and based on evidence so you will not waver.

Everyone wants to prove that their version is the correct and final version..but everyone seems to forget the version of Rasool Allah.. the Sunnah.. the rites taught by  Rasool Allah.. which is clearly preserved in authentic hadiths. So  Here I will list all the resources which helped me a lot in having a deep understanding and knowledge of the Hajj rites as preserved in the Sunnah. So my sincere advice for all who are going for Hajj is not to rely on secondary information given in books and lectures but to read the hadiths yourself. InshaAllah you will be fully content, happy and satisfied when you are performing Hajj and you will not be confused when you look at all those doing things differently and inviting you to it.

Hajj wa  Umrah Ki Kitab – Fiqh Al Hadith Publications(Urdu)

You can read a few pages online and see the contents here

You can buy this book from Darussalam and Al Balagh Book stores in Karachi and Islamabad.

This is the best and the most detailed book on this topic. It discusses even the wrong misconceptions and incorrect rites and rituals performed usually by many. It might be a slightly difficult read but none the less, very beneficial. One thing I must state is that it contains a detailed account with minute details, the Hajj of Rasool Allah Sallaallahu Alayhe wasallam. It was really what I was looking for and it made my Hajj all the more exciting and memorable as everyday I would read what my beloved Rasoool Sallalahu Alayhe wasallam did and when I performed the same rites in the exact same manner on the exact same day.. it was an indescribable feeling to love your Rasool is to love his Sunnah… it was, as if, I was performing Hajj with him. May Allah grant me his company in Jannah.(Ameen)









Hajj aur Umrah Kai Masail by Iqbal Kilani (urdu)

Hajj Aor Umra k Masail

The Book of Hajj and Umrah (English) by Iqbal Kilani

Available in both English and Urdu.. a very concisely written, well organized and to the point book which will make you easily understand the rites of hajj.The best thing is that every topic is given as a heading with the hadith to prove it. I would recommend reading this book first and then the Fiqh ul Hadith book. Both should be your primary resources for learning about Hajj and Umrah. Take them with you and read then frequently.

You can buy this from Darussalam Book Stores near you or even online from here


Getting the best out of Hajj by Abu Muneer Ismael Davids

Buy it online here

This is a very thorough, very detailed travel guide for Hajj. Benefited from it immensely.






Hajj and Umrah Dua Locket:

Though it doesn’t seem any different than a small book in the picture, but these are actually small cards which are spiral bound and come with a locket. You can hang this around your neck and it comes VERY handy when you are actually performing the ritual. Its not easy to keep open a big book to see what needs to be done next. So this locket with steps of Umrah and Hajj, along with the Masnoon duas.. such as dua when entering the haram, dua  when seeing the Kabah, dua when doing saee .. all are mentioned along with the steps. So it is easy to read and handle as it just hangs in your neck. This was really really helpful when we started the Umrah. Though we really studied in detail but you keep forgetting the steps, but this kept us in check if were doing the rituals in the correct order and if you are unable to memorize all the duas.. this really came in handy as the main duas for the rituals are mentioned. This is published by Al Huda but Darrussalam have also recently published a similar thing.You can buy this from Darussalam Book Stores near you or even online from here

Hajj main Chehray Ka Purdah 

pages-from-haj-mein-chehrey-ka-pardaDownload from here

I can not recommend this book enough. There is A LOT of confusion when it comes to purdah (veiling) during hajj. There are two extremes..some would say it is haram for a woman to cover her face, some say she has to cover but the cloth must not touch her face.. neither of the veil nor can she wipe her face with a towel or keep her head on the pillow .. i.e. the pillow cover should not touch the face.. not any other cloth. Some say the sahabiyaat never covered the face.. some say they did purdah. So what is the correct opinion. and do we really need opinions or verdicts based on assumptions when we have the example of the sahabiyaat and the words of Rasool Allah. sallalahu Alayhe wasallam. All of this has been extensively discussed and the right stance made clear in this book. Please do read and share with others.Read the book here online

Collection of Dua Books

Rasool Allah Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam has said tha DUA IS IBADAH. Unfortunatley we can not even come up with good duas, we dont know how to ask Allah and  what to ask for except for our lowly earthly needs. Fortunately Rasool Allah did not even leave this aspect of Ibadat to us and in fact left us with beautiful concise and comprehensive duas.

Highly recommended is the Dua Kijiya which is a comprehensive collection is duas. It is a bit bulky though so I also installed these books as apps on my phone as well and so instead of carrying all the books with me everywhere, I had them all in my cell phone and could easily read from them even at night or in the dark when I could not turn the lights on. You can download them from here

Qurani_Aur_Masnoon_Duain_New_Edition_1_08901.1387284485.1280.1280__49033.1396544309.1280.1280 Dua_Kijiay__98042.1410803978.154.195 Supplications_For_Hajj_Umra__17054.1389774018.154.195 (1) 1__27591.1389167978.154.195









Download these books as apps from here: Al Huda Apps

Books on Sunnah

Try to follow the sunnah in every aspect of your life. These two books can really help you recite the masnoon duas at their specified time and also adopt many other every day Sunnah.

Hisnul Muslim Urdu, Fortress of the Muslim (English version of Hisnul Muslim)

1000 Sunan

download (2) download (1)



So make plenty of dua that may Allah guide you to the Hajj rites and rituals which are in accordance with the Sunnah and to help you perform them without mistake and error.




Cards describing Method of Funeral Prayer and Supplications for forgiveness.
4c40b3e0d0136_49214nIn both the Harams i.e. Masjid e Haram in Makkah and Masjid e Nabawi in Medina.. after every fard prayer there is a janaza (funeral) for which the funeral prayer – namaz e janaza – salatul janaza- is offered by the Imam. Rasool Allah sallaalhu alayhe wasallam has informed us that there are huge rewards for the one who offers this salah.

“Whoever attends the janaazah until he offers the prayer will have one qeeraat (of reward), and whoever attends until (the deceased) is buried will have two qeeraats.” It was said, “O Messenger of Allaah, what are the two qeeraats?” He said, “Like two great mountains,” meaning, of reward.(Saheeh – agreed upon).

so by just praying this very short prayer for your deceased Muslim brother or sister , you gain a mountain worth of good deeds! SubhanAllah and that too in the Haram where the deeds are multiplied. So why not reap the rewards and pray the funeral prayer. It is short, simple and easy.

Before the prayer begins .. there is an announcement in arabic “As Salaatu Al al amwaat” ..literally namaz for the deceased. So you will know the salatul janaza is about to be prayed. There is no sujood in this prayer, no ruku.. you just stand.. and then say salam standing and the imam will only say the takbir out loud and the salam  and you  have to recite in between the Takbiraat. Here is how its prayed.

AllahuAkbar recite aoozobillah recite bismillah recite Surah Fatiha.. recite a small Surah then Imam will say Takbir.. say Allahuakbar recite durood  then another takbeer.. say Allahuakbar and then recite the dua e maghfirat for the deceased. Then Salam.

You will have to memorize the supplications for the deceased. There are many and you can chose any one to recite in the prayer. You can find many duas here and you can also buy the dua cards too to take with you and to distribute as well. These duas can also be found in the Dua books mentioned above.


One strange and sad thing that I observed in the Harams was that women from Pakistan India Bangladesh and also sometimes Malaysia would not offer the funeral prayer. When I asked them why.. they would say women are not allowed to pray the janaza prayer. This is a totally misconception. Just because women are not allowed to go to the graveyard, it does not mean they are also not allowed to pray the janaza pryaer. You are in the Masjid SubhaAllah! How can any prayer be forbidden just because you are a woman! Astaghfirullah! We also have clear and authentic ahadiths where the Sahabiyaat have clearly stated they they performed Janaza prayers in the masjid. Will provide the proofs in another post InshaAllah. But my sincere request is to please study you deen from the primary authentic sources and not follow what ever you hear people saying or what you heard in a bayaan or some mufti told you not to pray the janaza prayer. Please see  the teachings of Rasool Allah and the actions of the sahabiyaat.

May Allah guide us all to the pure teaching of Islam as taught by Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe wasallam!

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