PiRateS of Malacca Strait

Malacca Strait is a long narrow stretch of sea between Indonesia and Malaysia. Because of this, the sea is very very calm and quiet there. The water is crystal clear with not even a ripple. Its beautiful, its amazing and the feeling of being there is indescribable!

However, this stretch of sea is more famous  for it pirates than its waters…Yup Not the Pirates of the Carrabean but the Pirates of the Malacca Strait.

They creep up in their small boats without any lights during the nigh and usually scramble on to the decks of the ship from the stern. Because of this, any ship passing through the strait has to be extra vigilant . All the doors cabins and the main entrance to the accomodation needs to be locked or they can get into the cabins and hold someone hostage or steal stuff.

If they cant get into the accomodation then they try and steal anything worth taking from the outside.

The Pirates of Mallaca strait were recently in the news for attacking two UN chartered ships.

Some Pics of Malacca Strait from the Ship which are actually stills from the home video.

The anchor and the bulbous bow Ship's bowThe bulbous bow Ahsen my bro enjoying the breeze at the bowBulbous Bow Malacca Starait