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uNdeR tHe Sun

image004.jpg Temperature in Leeds rocketed sky high (i.e in comparison to its chilly temperatures) today being 32 degrees!! and London at 34…

Everyone is melting and  being in the bus is like being in an oven since most buses have no windows at all to let the air in… ( Britishers dont know the concept of ventilation i think)

Thankfully im in Leeds, coz its reported to be horrible in the London underground tube stations with suffocating tunnels, no ventilations and people fainting and if its peak time, the tubes are jam packed…

Iv been there during the winters and sometimes tubes are so fully packed there isnt even room for a single person to get in.

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cLinGiNg fOr LiFe…

cLinGiNg fOr LiFe…

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oNce uPoN a tIme sOmE wHeRe on a BuS  in Leeds…tHeRe waS a sWeeT Little bAby.. cLingINg for Life to hiS deaR mOtHer… 

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iN dReAmS…

I have always had wierd dreams…

i get the most exotic dreams anyone can think of! hehe if i start making movies out of them, they would be super hits im sure.

I usually tend to forget my dreams, after a few days they just dissappear.. but there are certains dreams i can never erase from my mind.
I usally dream of water.. im in sea, on the ship.. prob coz my dad is a sailor and i love the sea. But somehow , some dreams are so wierd.. so breathtaking..

i remeber seeing this dream where i was on the ship.. right in the front. the bow.. hehe NO.. this dream was Before anyone (meaning general public) had even heard of the Titanic.

It was dark, wind blowing on my face and right in the midle of the ocean was a huge carnival, beautifully lit up, with a ferris wheel, in the darkness of the ocean, that was like a galaxy on its own, and i sail past it, almost touching the ferris wheel…

One dream i can never forget was that it was a beautiful day, im again at the bow, sailing towards the most beautiful green cliff i had ever seen and right on its top was a castle!

Imagine my surprise when i came across this pic of Irelands west coast.. this is what i saw in my dream and i had never even seen this pic before.. let alone heard of the place!!

Some how ,in my dream my ship anchors right in front of the cliff and i step onto the cliff and the castle….

i so badly want to go there in real life..
Inshallah Inshallah will go soon!

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iS tHaT tHe sUmMeR sUN???

is ThaT tHe sUmMer Sun!!

yEs iT iZZ…

tHatS the deCepTivE UK weAtheR

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StuPid things iV beEn aSked in UK

Being a Pakistani and a Muslim, i have been asked a lotaa strange wierd and stupid questions in UK….here are some of them i can re call… and things i would have liked to say.. heheh which obvv i didnt!:

How come your english is sooo good if your from Pakistan?
Oh! as soon as i stepped on the british soil.. i became fluent in the langauge in one day! im a very good learner…. (asked by many)

Oh! so you have O levels in Pakistan!????
NO! we still use leaves and leather to write on!! (asked by a bbcd)

OH so iS Pakistan very modern? you have shopping malls there?
No, we still all live in mud houses! and shopping malls?? what in the world in that?!
(asked by a bbcd)

Do you wear that(head scarf) all the time? do u take it off when you go to sleep?
No! i havent taken it off in years!! (asked by an indian girl at work)

Why cant i see ur hair !.. i wnna see ur hair!
ur gonna hafta marry me for that darling! 😛 (asked by a guy at work)

are muslim girls allowed to shave their legs!!
Nope! theyr all hairy as an ape! (asked by my aussi house mates…they asked too manyy censorable questions which are un-blogable!… )

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A new Muslim!

Last week i had the previlige to see a woman revert to Islam and gave the Shadah!

This was the first time I witnessed a person accept Islam and it was the most beautiful ..the most emotional moment.
That lady was with us in an Islamic Course class for 2 weeks. I dont know her history much.. she was studying Islam for quite some time now and took this small course on Islam that was being held in my University by Utrujj Foundation. On the last day of the course she surprised us all by wanting to accept Islam. Alhamdulilah .. SubhanAllah.. i just dont have words to describe the feelings…
Seeing another person so sincerly accept Islam and trying her best to follow it.. makes me ashamed. of my self and my fellow muslims … we take Islam for granted and are so far removed from its purity and teachings.

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

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Small Little things i miss here…

There are many small little things which we take for granted at home. I am very homesick these days and miss home alot. Even small little things…like geo tv..hehehee belive it or not even a rikshaw.. have to walk here alot in cold.. bus stops just too far away.. i wud do anything to get a rikshaw here….
…miss the sound of the adhan and the dua after the adhan which comes on tv. I miss saying salam to people. Yes some muslims freinds i have ..we all say salam to each other but the sad thing is that at work it took me months to know who was a muslim. Even if people know you are amuslim and they themselves are muslims. wud never say salam. Thats the sad truth.
It really cheers me up when other women wearing the hijab.head scarves see me and say salam. You feel an instant connection .. a feeling of belonging. I wish all the British born muslims would start saying salam and not hide their faith.