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Advice of Umar Farooq(r) to the Commander of Muslim Army

Muslims should write this golden advice of Khalifa Umar (r) on their hearts. His advice, his words are so badly needed for todays Ummah. The only way to get out of the pathetic state we Muslims are in is to follow his advice.

Must watch video!

The only thing that differentiates between Muslims and Kafirs is that Muslims obey Allah and Kafirs disobey Allah. There is no difference between the Muslims and the Non Muslims if Muslims themselves are disobedient to Allah and thus we can never be victorious and regain our glory, might and power unless we stop sinning and first change our own selves.

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dUsT iS mY bED

dUsT iS mY bED…

it embraces me

and its my cover now….

the Sand surrounds me…

even behind my back…

and the grave tells a dankness of my afflication

and the brightness draws a line……