wHat iF tiTaniC sAnK tOdaY??

What If Titanic sank Today?

Reaction from different countries:


"A ship coming to Freedom was attacked by terrorists.We will not sit quiet and we will teach them a lesson.Bin Laden you can run but you cannot hide we will findyou and destroy your Al-Qaeda network."(President Bush……..whoelse?)


"I have spoken to the President of United States andwe have both agreed that the sinking of Titanic issignificant prove that Saddam Hussein is clearlybehind this attack, Iraq is imposing a threat to theworld and this has to be dealt with."(Prime Minister Blair)


"LOL!!!" (President Saddam Hussain)


"These Hamas and other terrorist network is enoughevidence to say that sinking of Titanic is not anaccident but it was their suicide bombers who havecommited such a crime.We will now impose curfew on thePalestinians, detain them, exile them, kill them,starve them, destroy their homes and refugee camps."(Ariel Sharon….)


"Titanic who?" (Canadian Prime Minister)


"Is mein Pakistan ka haath hai. We have receivedpassports of Pakistani extremists from the Titanicdebris. Pakistanis will have to pay for suchhorrendous act of terrorism. We are now deploying moresoldiers to the border."(Prime Minister Vajpayee)


"Sind may Double Sawari per ghair muayyana muddat keliye pabandi"(President Musharraf)

UN: "Shit happens right??"(Sec.Gen. Kofi Annan)

Survivors: "Uhh. Helllooo. Is anyone listening…it was an iceberg..hellloooooo."

(a forwarded mail)


Not again!!

After 7/7 finally when things i felt were geting some-what back to normal … not many hate stares in the bus or the shops.. .and there we go again.. more attempted attacks in london all over again. The fact that all 4 of them failed to detonate does seem highly suspicious to me.. never the less.. the brits are scared again of the muslims and asians in UK.
Thankfully Allah ka Shuker hai I have not been a vicitm of any hate crime in UK but they are indeed on the rise. A muslim girl in my workplace was screamed at by a woman when she parked her car and was going to the shop to buy something. The woman kept on staring at her.. pointing finger at her and saying to her " I am watching you…" and she went to the extent of noting down the car number plate. In the same area a Muslim woman who was wearing the veil was beaten by a bunch of youths in front of her 2 little kids.

I fail to understand how these so called muslim militants can even in their right mind think that their actions are any good for the muslims.. knowing for a fact that their actions are causing great distress to the Muslims here in UK.