Is God Biased Towards The Females?

By Javeria

Affected by the false propaganda of the feminists, many Muslim women have started thinking that Islam is good for the men and that the rules and regulations of Islam are unfair to the women and that Islam is nothing but subjugation of women. This mentality has led to many women turning away from Islam and keeping this negative feeling that Allah is biased towards the females.

Regarding this issue I previously wrote an article: Why God created Two Genders.

This is the second article in which I want to clarify that Allah is not biased or unfair towards the women. Yes he created man and woman different therefore both have some specific rules which they have to follow. But the end result, the reward for both of them is equal….

Male and Female were both created for a specific role and purpose in this world. But to Allah, gender does not matter and Heaven is for both men and women.

Allah says:

“The men and women of the believers are friends of one another. They command what is right and forbid what is wrong, and establish prayer and pay alms, and obey Allah and His Messenger. They are the people on whom Allah will have mercy. Allah is Almighty, All Wise.” (Qur’an, 9:71)

Allah emphasizes that believers will be rewarded in the same manner according to their deeds, regardless of their gender.

“Their Lord responds to them: ‘I will not let the deeds of any doer among you go to waste, male or female – you are both the same in that respect…” (Qur’an, 3:195)

“Anyone who acts rightly, male or female, being a believer, We will give them a good life and We will recompense them according to the best of what they did.” (Qur’an, 16:97)

“Men and women who are Muslims, men and women who are believers, men and women who are obedient, men and women who are truthful, men and women who are steadfast, men and women who are humble, men and women who give alms, men and women who fast, men and women who guard their private parts, men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward.” (Qur’an, 33:35)

Before Islam, women were treated as property having no rights and no say. Islam liberated the women and gave them rights and a respectful status. Allah Tala revealed a whole chapter in the Quran called An-Nisa ( Women) dealing with rights and issues of women. He did not reveal a surah called Rijaal (Men). Islam gave so much respect and rights to women that some non Muslims after reading the Quran thought that it was written by a woman. That is why many women are converting to Islam.

NBC News video reveals that 20,000 Americans reported converted to Islam last year, with women exceeding men at a ratio of 4 to 1.

In Europe as well, more women are being drawn to Islam and converting. (See : Csmonitor)

One famous example is of Yvonne Ridley:

“Yvonne Ridley was the journalist captured by the Taliban while reporting undercover in Afghanistan, soon after 9/11. Held on spying charges, she feared she would be stoned. Instead, she was treated with respect. She promised her captors that, after her release, she would study Islam. She read the Koran looking for an explanation of the Taliban’s treatment of women, only to find there wasn’t any. “It’s a magna carta (charter of rights) for women!” she said. (Source : BBC)

What does Ridley feel about the place of women in Islam?

“There are oppressed women in Muslim countries, but I can take you up the side streets of Tyneside and show you oppressed women there.”

“Oppression is cultural, it is not Islamic. The Koran makes it crystal clear that women are equal.”

And her new Muslim dress is empowering, she says.

“How liberating is it to be judged for your mind and not the size of your bust or length of your legs.”(Source : BBC interview)

In Islam there is no such thing as a “man’s world” or a “woman’s world”; it is for both where both have been sent to help each other and provide companionship to each to other. Both have been sent in this world as a test and they will both be rewarded or punished in the hereafter according to their deeds and actions in this world.

Dr. Israr Ahmed’s QTV Statement

Dr. Israr Ahmed’s QTV Statement regarding the hadith about Ali Radiallahu Anhuma:

QTV Statement Audio File

There was a lecture of Dr. Israr Ahmed on QTV Channel on 12th June,08 in which he was giving the Explanation of Surah Nisa Verse 43 : O ye who believe! Approach not prayers with a mind befogged, until ye can understand all that ye say…”

Dr. Israr quoted the reason of revelation of this verse, which one sect of Muslims found offensive to their beliefs.

According to Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Ibn Jarir and hadiths mentioned in Sunan Abi Dawood and Jama Tirmizi which have been classified as Sahih by Sheikh Nasir Uddin Albani and also mentioned by Mufti Muhammad Shafi : Some companions along with Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) were gathered together and had a few drinks and this was before the prohibition of alcohol. Then time for prayer came and Ali (ra) was asked to lead the prayers in which due to intoxication he made a mistake. Then the above mentioned verse of Surah Nisa was revealed.


Drinking was common before the final order of its Prohibition came:

Before the complete Prohibition of alcohol, the companions of Prophet Muhammad used to drink alcohol and there is nothing to be ashamed about or upset about this fact. Allah’s orders came gradually, first telling the fact that Alcohol has some good in it but it has more harm in it. It was only this second order which forbade the Muslims from being drunk in the state of prayer and the final order came later which completely banned alcoholic drinks. When the final order came, some companions were at that moment drinking but on hearing the order totally threw away their drinks. Then some people started having doubts about the Muslims who were killed before the final prohibition, so Allah revealed the verse that there is no sin on them for what they had in the past before the prohibition order and this has been mentioned in Bukhari

Bukhari : Volume 3, Book 43, Number 644:

Narrated Anas:

I was the butler of the people in the house of Abu Talha, and in those days drinks were prepared from dates. Allah’s Apostle ordered somebody to announce that alcoholic drinks had been prohibited. Abu Talha ordered me to go out and spill the wine. I went out and spilled it, and it flowed in the streets of Medina. Some people said, “Some people were killed and wine was still in their stomachs.” On that the Divine revelation came:- “On those who believe And do good deeds There is no blame For what they ate (in the past).” (Quran 5: 93)

Ali Radiallahu Anhum was a human being and it is human to err

Why is it hard to accept that all Arabs used to drink before Alcohol was prohibited and if Ali (ra) had alcohol so did many other companions and there is no sin on them at all for doing something which was allowed at that time. Also Ali (ra) was a human and it is human to err or make a mistake in recitation of Quran. If it is your belief that he was a super human or an angel who never made any mistakes, then keep your beliefs to your own self. No need to impose your beliefs on others and make others do Explantion of Quran according to your own wishes and desires.

Stop Abusing Dr. Israr Ahmed: It is a sin to abuse and revile other Muslims

After this incident, the disgruntled people started abusing Dr. Israr and writing abuse on the walls of Karachi, making online hate groups against Dr. Israr and insulting him on forums and websites. For those people abusing Dr. Israr and using bad language against him… my response:

Is this what your Imam Ali (ra) taught you, to use abusive and obscene language against others??? You claim to be following the true Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.. Is it the way of Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam to use filthy langugae against other humans?

Abdullah b. Amr b. al-As is reported to have said: Verily a person asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) who amongst the Muslims was better. Upon this (the Holy Prophet) remarked: From whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe. Book 001, Number 0064: MUSLIM

Narrated Abu Huraira: that he heard the Prophet saying, “O Allah! If I should ever abuse a believer, please let that be a means of bringing him near to You on the Day of Resurrection.” Bukhari Volume 8, Book 75, Number 372:

Abusing others is an act of Jahalat

Narrated Al-Ma’rur:At Ar-Rabadha I met Abu Dhar who was wearing a cloak, and his slave, too, was wearing a similar one. I asked about the reason for it. He replied, “I abused a person by calling his mother with bad names.” The Prophet said to me, ‘O Abu Dhar! Did you abuse him by calling his mother with bad names You still have some characteristics of ignorance. Volume 1, Book 2, Number 29: Bukhari

Sayings of Ali Radiallahu Anhum regarding the tongue and abusing others

“A man is hid under his tongue.”

“Do not speak in a state of ignorance.”

“That knowledge is superficial which is merely on the tongue. That knowledge is real which demonstrates itself in your practice.” Source (Witness Pioneer)

Hazrat Ali said: “I consider it highly undesirable to abuse and revile others….” [Nehjulbalagha, islamic seminary publications, sermon 211]

Allah has forbidden the Muslims to even abuse and revile the non-Muslims (Kafirs and Mushriks)… let alone Muslims! So how can you abuse other Muslims and Companions of Prophet Muhammad and Muslim Scholars??

It seems like your religion is good for nothing but abusing, cursing, reviling and insulting other Muslims, starting from the best of the companions of Prophet Muhammad saw, his honorable wives the mothers of the believers, sunni muslims, wahabis, salafis, Muslim Imams, scholars, preachers you name it! Arent all these people Muslims who have read the Kalima

Narrated Abu Said:

The Prophet said, “Do not abuse my companions for if any one of you spent gold equal to Uhud (in Allah’s Cause) it would not be equal to a Mud or even a half Mud spent by one of them.” Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 22:

How can you abuse and curse left right and centre when Allah has prohibited the Muslims from even cursing or abusing non muslims, the mushriks, Christians and pagans?!!

Quran (6:108 )
” Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah…”

Update :(After reading my post I am sure you would be dying to curse and abuse me, as well as abusing Dr. Israr more, but please keep your dirty language insults and accusations off my blog)

Global Economic Terrorism Part 1- By Zaid Hamid

Episode 3 of Zaid Hamid Sahib’s program as seen on TV One. A real eye opener!

Zaid Hamid is the founder of “BrassTacks” Advanced Threat Analysis and security Management Consultants.

Mr. Zaid Hamid is regularly coming on Pakistani channel News One in a Program with the same name to inform the general public of the security issues and how the zionists are controlling the economy and he is also warning the Pakistanis of a severe food famine lingering ahead. He has an amazing knowledge Mashallah of global security issues, history, zionist movements and the internal world politics as well as  Islam. He has gained a huge fan following and TV viewship.. even housewives are addicted to his views and opinions! His program is a must watch and is indeed a great eye opener.

His Profile from the BrassTacks website is as follows:

“Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid is an eminent security professional having extensive practical experience and exposure in the fields of security management, strategic and tactical planning, threat analysis, irregular warfare, electronic security solutions and training of security personal.

His expertise is largely through exposure and is most unique and diversified. He has witnessed war at close range, experiencing the finest guerilla operations in modern times.

He has been the area head of Electronic Security Alarm System Division of Brinks Pakistan and has attended many international exhibitions on security services and products, including world-renowned international Fire and safety exhibition, IFSEC, UK and American society for industrial security, ASIS, USA.

Mr. Hamid is the author of over twenty published articles and handbooks on various defense and security related issues.”

Finding Freeedom in Fundamentals

Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellow examines transnational Islamic women’s academy

They gather in local classrooms and in each other’s homes; in rural villages and in urban centers; around kitchen tables and computer screens; in Karachi, Toronto, and Tempe. Many, though lifelong Muslims, are reading tafsir (exegesis) of the Qur’an for the first time to understand what it actually says about everything from hygiene to civil society. And many students of the Al-Huda Academy for Women, according to khanum Shaikh (WS ’07), find the experience freeing.

“There’s an incredible enthusiasm and excitement, a transformation among [Al-Huda’s] members,” says Ms. Shaikh, a doctoral candidate in women’s studies at the University of California at Los Angeles. “Many talk about how unaware Pakistani women have historically been of what religion really means in daily life—raising children, being a citizen, forging a relationship with Allah. Al-Huda opens up a wealth of information for people to reformulate their lives, while …”Read More here

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Valentine’s Day : Should we celebrate it?

Last year I wrote a detailed article called “Valentine’s Day and Us” on the History and Origin of St. Valentine’s day and the reasons why Muslims and even Christians should not celebrate this festival as it is pagan in origin and its pagan rituals highly perverted and an insult to women.

Some people still objected and insisted that there is nothing wrong with celebrating this festival as it is not our intention to follow the Romans and the pagans. Some related this with using cars and mobile phones insisting that if Islam is so rigid about following non muslims then we should also not use stuff developed , discovered or made by the non muslims.

I would just like to clarify that there is a huge difference between following the culture/ religious festivals and using “technology”. Islam is not like what the Amish people are taught that technology is bad and therefore they are forbidden to use telephones and electricity.

Prophet Muhammad saw himself used material and stuff which was made by non Arabs. Just like camels and horses were used for transportation in those days, we are using cars trains etc.. just like leather was used for writing and communicating, we are using cell phones. Islam does not forbid using technology developed by non muslims. Islam only asks Muslims to maintain their identity and not adapt culture and traditions of non muslims.

Here I would briefly like to remind everyone of the origins of St. Valentine’s Day and the consequences of following pagans and Christians.

Valentine’s Day Revealed:

· Not a Christian Festival

· Not associated with Saint. Valentine

· Originally from two most sexually perverted pagan Roman festivals: Lupercalia and Feast of Juno Februata

· Celebration of fertility, lust, desire, sex and erotica.

· Nothing to do with displaying platonic love!

· Treatment of women as objects of lust, desire and fertility.

· In honor of Roman gods and goddesses

Whose Sunnah are you following?

Sunnah means a trodden path. If you are celebrating St. Valentine’s Day, you are actually following the Sunnah of the Roman pagans and the Sunnah of the Christians since it is considered to be a Christian festival.Every time we offer our salat, we recite Surah Al Fatiha and pray to Allah to show us the straight path.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, The Beneficent, the Merciful

Owner of the Day of Judgment,Thee (alone) we worship; Thee alone we ask for help.Show us the straight path,The path of those whom Thou hast favored. Not (the path) of those who earned Thine anger nor of those who go astray.”

Don’t you think Roman idol worshippers are those who earned the anger of Allah? Don’t you think the Christians are those who went astray?? What path are we trying to avoid?

Sign of the Last Day: Muslims following Persians, Romans, Jews and Christians

Prophet Muhammad saw said, “You will follow the ways of those nations who were before you, span by span and cubit by cubit ( i.e., inch by inch) so much so that even if they entered a hole of a mastigure(a kind of lizard), you would follow them.” We said, “O Allah’s Apostle! (Do you mean) the Jews and the Christians ?” He said, “Whom else?”

(Bukhari: Vol 009, Book 092, Hadith 422.)

The Prophet said, “The Hour will not be established till my followers copy the deeds of the previous nations and follow them very closely, span by span, and cubit by cubit ( i.e., inch by inch).” It was said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Do you mean by those (nations) the Persians and the Romans?” The Prophet said, “Who can it be other than they?”

So now its upto you to risk following the path of those people who earned Allah’s anger and who went astray.

Just remember there are 365 days in a year…so why insist on 14th Feb?

What kind of Pakistanis are we?!

The last few days have seen Pakistan turn into a war zone, a battle field with rioting, firing, torching, killing, ransacking, looting and every other crime you can think of!

I am shocked, sad, angry and depressed all at the same time. What are our countrymen upto?! The assassination was not as bad as its aftereffects which are still continuing after two days of the tragic event.

Most of the people were stuck in traffic amongst all the mayhem and the chaos in a state of fear and panic unable to reach home. One of my khaloo was stuck in traffic near gulistan e johar. He then left on foot and walked for more than two hours to reach my mamoos apartment nearby. He described the entire scene to be right from a movie, with cars burning in a line, women and children screaming and crying, smoke everywhere.My mamoo reached home from office by 11:30 and my fiance had to return back to his office  after being stuck for hours in the traffic jam at Balauch colony bridge.A distant relative was at Alladin water park with her children when the miscreants took over their car, threw them out and torched the car! A bride was unable to reach home from the salon and had to take refuge at a relative’s house on her wedding day! The food was sent to the hotel where it went stale and the entire wedding function was disrupted.

More than 200 Banks have been torched, shops vandalized, ATM machines broken and money stolen, factories set on fire, trains set on fire, public buses and cars torche, more than 30 people have lost their lives in the aftermath of the assassination.

It’s like all hell has broken loose! What is wrong with people! What kind of humans are they! What kind of Pakistanis are they?!! destroying and looting their own country? plundering and looting anything they possibly can!

Were they all PPP workers, venting their anger? I think not. Our’s is a land of “opportunity” and whoever gets the opportunity or a chance to loot, steal, plunder would do so, be it a political leader, a sweeper a shopkeeper, a maid or anybody you can think of. Everybody wants to make money, by hook or by crook. In this state of chaos, these miscreants found an opportunity to make money, so they looted the banks, the jewelley stores, shops and factories.

But what i fail to understand is the destruction mentality! Why are they destryoing the very buses and trains they themselves use! the very petrol statations they get fuel from! the streets and shops of their very own city.!! This is madness! this is insanity! this shows how corrupt we are  as a nation. How can such a nation with such civilians prosper?

May Allah have mercy on us Pakistanis. Ameen.

Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Dec 27 (Reuters) Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after a rally in Rawalpindi. Dawn News

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto is definitely a great blow to any hope for any kind of peace and stability in Pakistan. Killing, murdering and suicide attacks are heinous crimes no matter who the victim, be it innocent civilians or political leaders.

Majority of the people, non-muslims as well as enlightened Muslims are under the impression that practicing Muslims will be happy with such a thing or that they promote or support such terrorist activities. Already accusations are being hurled that it was done by some Islamist Jihadist etc etc…

Who ever the assassin, I just want to present Quranic Ayats and saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw) so you can see for your self what Islam has to say about murdering.

“…if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder(Qisas), or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”(Quran 5:32)

The Prophet said, “The biggest of Al-Kaba’ir (the great sins) are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) to murder a human being, (3) to be undutiful to one’s parents (4) and to make a false statement,” or said, “to give a false witness.”(Bukhari 83 : Hadith 10)

The Prophet said, “No human being is killed unjustly, but a part of responsibility for the crime is laid on the first son of Adam who invented the tradition of killing (murdering) on the earth. (It is said that he was Qabil).(Bukhari 83:6)

Allah’s Apostles said, “When a slave (of Allah) commits illegal sexual intercourse, he is not a believer at the time of committing it; and if he steals, he is not a believer at the time of stealing; and if he drinks an alcoholic drink, when he is not a believer at the time of drinking it; and he is not a believer when he commits a murder,” ‘Ikrima said: I asked Ibn Abbas, “How is faith taken away from him?” He said, Like this,” by clasping his hands and then separating them, and added, “But if he repents, faith returns to him like this, by clasping his hands again.(Bukhari 82:800)

The last hadith makes it very very clear that suicide bombing can never ever be accepted in Islam.

When the bomber is exploding the bomb, at that moment he is killing other human beings and according to the hadith the faith is taken away from him. If at this time he is killed himself.. how can he ever enter paradise or be considered a martyr or a jihadi when he died without faith!!??

May Allah forgive her, may Allah have mercy on all of us and on our country Pakistan.Ameen


Update: Benazir died from gunshots, not suicide bombing! Benazir Bhutoo was in her car returning back, when she suddenly came out of the sun roof of her car to wave to the crowd, there were three gun shots and she was hit, she fell down and then the bomb exploded. This description was given by John Moore, a photographer who was just 20 yards away from Benazir and taking her pics. See his photographs right before and after her assassination here

The assassin must have been an expert hit man to have shot her straight in the head and neck.

Update: For updated news regarding the current situation and mobile pics taken just before the assasination showing the assassin, please visit this blog Teeth Maestro

Our Leaders Just Dont Fall out of the Sky!


Present leadership in the Muslim Ummah at any level, from government ministries down to ordinary trustees of Masjids and Islamic institutions hardly qualify for the lofty requirements of leadership in Islam. They lack even the very basic qualities of leadership such as Taqwa (righteousness), Ilm (knowledge) and Ikhlas (sincerity), let alone the vast array of other leadership qualities that make a good Islamic leader. Some even lack Iman yet they head entire Muslim countries, and for decades! (There are rare cases of good leadership but very rare indeed). Muslims all over the world are fed up and frustrated with these tin-pot leaders. They are looking for a way out of the mess they find themselves in mainly due to the inefficiencies of corrupt leaders. But the solution to the problem does not lie only in blaming the leaders. There is also another dimension.


Muslim intellectuals and writers have written extensively on the ills of these corrupt and oppressive rulers, often placing all the blame at their door. It may be correct to attribute part of our suffering and retrogression to these corrupt leaders, but is it fair and just to attribute every problem and misery only to corrupt leadership? Is it not being simplistic to expect that all of the Ummah’s problems will be automatically solved merely with a change of leadership? Are leaders alone guilty and responsible for the malaise of the Ummah? A sensible person would not be expected to answer ‘yes!’ to any of these questions. It would be foolish to assume so. The sad reality of the matter is that the Muslim masses are also guilty. They have a share in the problems that are being experienced. They cannot be totally absolved of blame as many people would like to believe. For in reality, leaders are but a reflection of the public. After all, leaders come from the same public, they don’t just fall out of the sky!


Consider the following words of Nabi (sallallahu-alyhi-wasallam) on the relationship between rulers and the ruled:

As you are, so will be the rulers that will be set over you (Mishkaat).

“…The hearts of the rulers are in my control. When My servants obey Me, I turn their leaders towards them in kindness. When My servants disobey Me, I turn their rulers towards them with wrath and anger, then they punish them terribly. So do not engross yourselves in swearing and criticising your rulers but rather engross yourselves in Dua and humble submission so that I may take care of your (oppressive) rulers” – al-I’itidaal


It follows clearly from these Ahadith that leaders are installed upon men by virtue of their actions and deeds. Good deeds – good rulers; bad deeds – bad rulers. A simple, inescapable reality. This is also in line with common sense in that good leaders will not be appreciated by a corrupt people. In fact they would be in grave danger of harm from their corrupt subjects. The only people to keep them in check would be corrupt and cruel leaders.