What kind of Pakistanis are we?!

The last few days have seen Pakistan turn into a war zone, a battle field with rioting, firing, torching, killing, ransacking, looting and every other crime you can think of!

I am shocked, sad, angry and depressed all at the same time. What are our countrymen upto?! The assassination was not as bad as its aftereffects which are still continuing after two days of the tragic event.

Most of the people were stuck in traffic amongst all the mayhem and the chaos in a state of fear and panic unable to reach home. One of my khaloo was stuck in traffic near gulistan e johar. He then left on foot and walked for more than two hours to reach my mamoos apartment nearby. He described the entire scene to be right from a movie, with cars burning in a line, women and children screaming and crying, smoke everywhere.My mamoo reached home from office by 11:30 and my fiance had to return back to his office  after being stuck for hours in the traffic jam at Balauch colony bridge.A distant relative was at Alladin water park with her children when the miscreants took over their car, threw them out and torched the car! A bride was unable to reach home from the salon and had to take refuge at a relative’s house on her wedding day! The food was sent to the hotel where it went stale and the entire wedding function was disrupted.

More than 200 Banks have been torched, shops vandalized, ATM machines broken and money stolen, factories set on fire, trains set on fire, public buses and cars torche, more than 30 people have lost their lives in the aftermath of the assassination.

It’s like all hell has broken loose! What is wrong with people! What kind of humans are they! What kind of Pakistanis are they?!! destroying and looting their own country? plundering and looting anything they possibly can!

Were they all PPP workers, venting their anger? I think not. Our’s is a land of “opportunity” and whoever gets the opportunity or a chance to loot, steal, plunder would do so, be it a political leader, a sweeper a shopkeeper, a maid or anybody you can think of. Everybody wants to make money, by hook or by crook. In this state of chaos, these miscreants found an opportunity to make money, so they looted the banks, the jewelley stores, shops and factories.

But what i fail to understand is the destruction mentality! Why are they destryoing the very buses and trains they themselves use! the very petrol statations they get fuel from! the streets and shops of their very own city.!! This is madness! this is insanity! this shows how corrupt we are  as a nation. How can such a nation with such civilians prosper?

May Allah have mercy on us Pakistanis. Ameen.


Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Dec 27 (Reuters) Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after a rally in Rawalpindi. Dawn News

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto is definitely a great blow to any hope for any kind of peace and stability in Pakistan. Killing, murdering and suicide attacks are heinous crimes no matter who the victim, be it innocent civilians or political leaders.

Majority of the people, non-muslims as well as enlightened Muslims are under the impression that practicing Muslims will be happy with such a thing or that they promote or support such terrorist activities. Already accusations are being hurled that it was done by some Islamist Jihadist etc etc…

Who ever the assassin, I just want to present Quranic Ayats and saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw) so you can see for your self what Islam has to say about murdering.

“…if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder(Qisas), or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”(Quran 5:32)

The Prophet said, “The biggest of Al-Kaba’ir (the great sins) are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) to murder a human being, (3) to be undutiful to one’s parents (4) and to make a false statement,” or said, “to give a false witness.”(Bukhari 83 : Hadith 10)

The Prophet said, “No human being is killed unjustly, but a part of responsibility for the crime is laid on the first son of Adam who invented the tradition of killing (murdering) on the earth. (It is said that he was Qabil).(Bukhari 83:6)

Allah’s Apostles said, “When a slave (of Allah) commits illegal sexual intercourse, he is not a believer at the time of committing it; and if he steals, he is not a believer at the time of stealing; and if he drinks an alcoholic drink, when he is not a believer at the time of drinking it; and he is not a believer when he commits a murder,” ‘Ikrima said: I asked Ibn Abbas, “How is faith taken away from him?” He said, Like this,” by clasping his hands and then separating them, and added, “But if he repents, faith returns to him like this, by clasping his hands again.(Bukhari 82:800)

The last hadith makes it very very clear that suicide bombing can never ever be accepted in Islam.

When the bomber is exploding the bomb, at that moment he is killing other human beings and according to the hadith the faith is taken away from him. If at this time he is killed himself.. how can he ever enter paradise or be considered a martyr or a jihadi when he died without faith!!??

May Allah forgive her, may Allah have mercy on all of us and on our country Pakistan.Ameen


Update: Benazir died from gunshots, not suicide bombing! Benazir Bhutoo was in her car returning back, when she suddenly came out of the sun roof of her car to wave to the crowd, there were three gun shots and she was hit, she fell down and then the bomb exploded. This description was given by John Moore, a photographer who was just 20 yards away from Benazir and taking her pics. See his photographs right before and after her assassination here

The assassin must have been an expert hit man to have shot her straight in the head and neck.

Update: For updated news regarding the current situation and mobile pics taken just before the assasination showing the assassin, please visit this blog Teeth Maestro

Our Leaders Just Dont Fall out of the Sky!


Present leadership in the Muslim Ummah at any level, from government ministries down to ordinary trustees of Masjids and Islamic institutions hardly qualify for the lofty requirements of leadership in Islam. They lack even the very basic qualities of leadership such as Taqwa (righteousness), Ilm (knowledge) and Ikhlas (sincerity), let alone the vast array of other leadership qualities that make a good Islamic leader. Some even lack Iman yet they head entire Muslim countries, and for decades! (There are rare cases of good leadership but very rare indeed). Muslims all over the world are fed up and frustrated with these tin-pot leaders. They are looking for a way out of the mess they find themselves in mainly due to the inefficiencies of corrupt leaders. But the solution to the problem does not lie only in blaming the leaders. There is also another dimension.


Muslim intellectuals and writers have written extensively on the ills of these corrupt and oppressive rulers, often placing all the blame at their door. It may be correct to attribute part of our suffering and retrogression to these corrupt leaders, but is it fair and just to attribute every problem and misery only to corrupt leadership? Is it not being simplistic to expect that all of the Ummah’s problems will be automatically solved merely with a change of leadership? Are leaders alone guilty and responsible for the malaise of the Ummah? A sensible person would not be expected to answer ‘yes!’ to any of these questions. It would be foolish to assume so. The sad reality of the matter is that the Muslim masses are also guilty. They have a share in the problems that are being experienced. They cannot be totally absolved of blame as many people would like to believe. For in reality, leaders are but a reflection of the public. After all, leaders come from the same public, they don’t just fall out of the sky!


Consider the following words of Nabi (sallallahu-alyhi-wasallam) on the relationship between rulers and the ruled:

As you are, so will be the rulers that will be set over you (Mishkaat).

“…The hearts of the rulers are in my control. When My servants obey Me, I turn their leaders towards them in kindness. When My servants disobey Me, I turn their rulers towards them with wrath and anger, then they punish them terribly. So do not engross yourselves in swearing and criticising your rulers but rather engross yourselves in Dua and humble submission so that I may take care of your (oppressive) rulers” – al-I’itidaal


It follows clearly from these Ahadith that leaders are installed upon men by virtue of their actions and deeds. Good deeds – good rulers; bad deeds – bad rulers. A simple, inescapable reality. This is also in line with common sense in that good leaders will not be appreciated by a corrupt people. In fact they would be in grave danger of harm from their corrupt subjects. The only people to keep them in check would be corrupt and cruel leaders.

Source: CaptiveMinds.org 

Dr Israr advises Musharraf to call it a day

LAHORE, Nov 19: Religious scholar and Tanzeem-i-Islami founder Dr Israr Ahmad has called for lifting the emergency, reinstatement of superior court judges and withdrawal of all actions taken in pursuance of the proclamation of emergency and Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) besides resignation of Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club here on Monday, Dr Israr urged General Pervez Musharraf to call it a day and resign from both president of Pakistan and chief of army staff slots if he earnestly believed in his own slogan ‘Pakistan first’ after accepting the demands of people from within Pakistan and abroad. Gen Musharraf should not keep his personal interest above the national interests, Dr Israr added.

He also called upon opposition political parties to ensure that their proposed movement for the restoration of democracy remains peaceful and they should themselves hand over to the government saboteurs disrupting their movement.

He said that they should call off their movement for the sake of national security and Pakistan’s survival if they felt it was beyond their control to keep it peaceful.

He quoted the example of calling off a movement launched by the late Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, when the agitated people had burnt down a police station in an Indian town of Chura Churi in which policemen were also burnt.

He said that Pakistan was facing threats from both eastern and western borders due to internal disturbance started after March 9 when Gen Musharraf had suspended deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. It led to a people’s movement and protest against the military rule identical to the PNA’s movement of 1977.

“If the situation worsens, the NATO forces are waiting on the western front to move into Pakistan and may deprive the country of its nuclear assets while on the eastern border India is ready to stage an action replay of 1971 events and has alerted its armed forces to intervene in to check threats to peace in the region.”

Dr Israr expressed his concern over yet another equally dangerous situation caused by what he described as “polarisation between extreme forces of secularism and the people demanding enforcement of Islamic Shariah in the country”. The situation he said, had taken an alarming proportion in the tribal areas, particularly in the areas north of Malakand and in Swat.

He said that it was not possible to suppress the movement by use of military force. The only way to solve the problem was to take Constitutional, legal and evolutionary measures for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah. For this purpose, he suggested making Article 2-A of the Constitution relating to the Objectives Resolution as overriding article and the parliament should take steps to make laws as recommended by the Council of Islamic Ideology in its voluminous reports lying in shelves of the government departments for the past many years.

Source: www.Dawn.com

How can I change the world?

How can I change the world?

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits,
I dreamt of changing the world.

As I grew older and wiser,
I realized the world would not change
and I decided to shorten my sight somewhat and change only my country.
But it too seemed immovable.


As I entered my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt,
I tought to change only my family,
those closest to me,
but alas they would have none of it.


And now here I lie on my death bed and realize
(perhaps for the first time)
that if only I’d changed myself first,
then by example I may have implement my family
and with their encouragement and support,
I may have bettered my country
and who knows I may have changed the world.


Inna Allaha la yughayyiru ma biqawmin hatta yughayyiroo ma bianfusihim

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls).(Quran: Surah Ar Ra’d 13:11)

by Uzma Saleem (Toronto)

Thrice a Week Quran Course by Safiya Khan

Thrice a week Morning Course for ladies

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  • Tajweed ( Correct pronunciation and recitation of Quran)
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  • Seeratun Nabi (saw)
  • Hadith

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Shopping Woes for women in Karachi

Shopping Woes!!!??? are you surprised?? for women shopping and woes don’t go together! or do they?? Don’t women love to shop? don’t they love to follow the “shop till you drop trend”??

Well at least I don’t especially here in Karachi…and here is why!

Shopping takes (read wastes) a lot of time!

Shopping here in Karachi is not straight forward. Go to Gulf, Ashiana, Uzma, Rabi center or Tariq Road, Saddar or any other place…its the same story. There is soo much cheating and so much bargaining that you get a headache. Prices are never fixed and the shopkeeper will tell you the prices based on their own whims and desires…if you don’t look in atleast 6/7 different shops.. you will definitely get rippped off.

Then there is a lot of cheating in cloth and material available…they appear to be same but in fact are of different qualities and prices and the shopkeeper will make you belive its the best quality and charge you accordingly.. where as infact its just a cheap copy!

Then there is a great possibility that the shopkeeper will give you defected cloth or less cloth then what you paid for…if you are not on high alert and if you do not check each and everything properly…then it is most likely you are buying defected stuff or less cloth!

Shop opening timings are horrible!

The best thing i loved about England was that all their shops and malls opened up dot at 9 o clock in the morning. Where as here in Karachi, shopping centers are deserted until noon and then only you start seeing some activity. You may ask .. so what? they stay open till 9:00 at night…

let me tell you why these timings are horrible.

First Casualty of Shopping is prayer (Namaz)

Because of the unwise rulings of the molvies, there are no mosques for women, and no places for women to pray. They have so blindly followed the hadith that it is better for a women to pray in the nook and corner of the house then an open area..they they refused to make places for women to pray!

Do they think it is better not to pray at all then pray in a masjid?.. well it seems like they do.. go anywhere in Karachi ( except a few exception i will mention later) there are Alhamdullih masjids for men, so when the Adhaan is announced men get up and go for prayers. What do women do? either they go pray in public open spaces like parks if they are in the state of wudu.. or they completely miss the prayers.

With no facility for prayer areas for women, shop opening timings make it even worse.

If shops opened at 9 and if you started shopping at 9:00 you would most prob be done by 12 or 1 or max 3 …if not… then your feet must start screaming by then and you would want to head home. With this scenario, you would not miss your Zuhr Prayer.

But since in this country of lazy people shops open after 12:00. So if you start by 12 30 you again miss your zuhr prayer.

If you prefer to start shopping after lunch and Zuhr prayer, you will reach the shops by 2:30 .. 3 ..but then you miss you asr prayer and if you dont rush home before 6, you will miss maghrib too!

Those who say.. oh just simply combine the prayers… well Shopping is a terrible excuse for combining prayers! What will you tell Allah Tala, shopping was more important then the fard prayers?? Think Again!

For those who say just go to park towers or forum or these new malls, their prices are fixed – but their prices of dresses are Sky High! How in the world can i spend 10,000 Rs or more on a single dress!? it is outrageous and on top of that every person will have to answer to Allah tala on the day of Judegement that how they earned their money and where they spent it! Some stuff is nice and affordable in these malls which is fine.. but its much better to get your own cloth and get it stitched!

Places for women to pray

One good thing about Park Towers is that they do have a proper prayer and wudu area for women. Gulf Shopping mall also has a tiny room for women to pray in, though it is not that tidy. I think forum does too.

I don’t know about Rabi Center or Tariq Road, but yes there is a small masjid with place for women next to Daruusslam Book Shop on Tariq Road! If anyone know of any more places for women to pray please do let me know!

Masjids with prayer areas for women open throughout the year

1) Quran Academy on Sea View

2) Ayesha Masjid on Khayaban e Ittehad near Creek Club

3) Masjid e Shafqat – next to the cemetary in Phase IV, D.H.A

Masjids open for women only for tarawihs

1) Masjid e Ibrahim in Phase IV, DHA in commercial area

2) Sultan Masjid in D.H.A

Democracy Dead on Arrival

Excellent writeup on Democracy in Pakistan and the feelings and opinions of the Pakistani Youth. By my sis Zen on byZentine

When General Pervaiz Musharraf ousted the Nawaz Sharif Government and took over Pakistan in 1999, most of those in born towards the end of the Zia-ul-haq era and having only seen the game of musical chairs of power between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto since gaining consciousness, were relieved, if not joyous, to see the notoriously corrupt politicians go into exile and pave way for a more disciplined military regime.

Seven years on we are wiser and weary. Musharraf has over-stayed his welcome. We never had any faith in the politicians in the first place, now by becoming disillusioned with the military regime we join the old and the wise in their cynicism of all forms of top-down power. Most have resigned to the fact that in politics faces change yet the ground realities remain the same.

As a student in Karachi, in the 1990s, we had… Read More

“Bloody” return of Benazir Bhutto

The celebrations of the return of Benazir Bhutto (BB) turned into a Blood Bath (BB)  at the end of the day. Two bombs exploded near the special truck carrying her which resulted in many innocent and  poor people dying and getting injured.

To be honest, this blood shed did not come as a suprise to me. A big rally or  an event in Karachi without blood shed has sadly become impossible. No matter who it is who is coming or visiting, it is always the poor and the innocents who suffer the most and life in Karachi comes to a standstill.

All i can say to all the political leaders, politicians etc..

we are better off without you and your rallies , your protests or your celebrations. You bring nothing but suffering, deaths and bloodshed to my city. You bring the life of the common  man to a standstill, you keep the children and the youth of this city from going to schools and colleges, you keep the people going to offices and to their jobs… all coz of your own selfish interests. You bring the business to a halt in my city and cause huge financial losses..you  you disrupt the traffic and the routine.. you destroy my city and we don’t need you, we don’t want you, Karachi is better off without you

I pray to Allah to save us from evil corrupt and selfish leaders and politicians and to save us from the terrorists. Oh Allah give us naik, loyal, truthful and sincere leaders. Oh Allah have mercy on the innocent people who died today and give them a place in Jannah.

Review: Self Renewal Plan by Safiya Khan

A Man decided to become a wood cutter, he bought for himself a brand new saw and started his wood cutting business. He did extremely well in his new business and was able to fell many trees and earn a lot of profit. Time passed by but his business started declining.. the number of tress he was able to fell declined day by day…he was confused.. he was perturbed that what in the world was happening! How come he was so successful in the start?

Then a man came to him and told him..Look at your saw…it has become blunt due to constant usage.. you need to sharpen your saw, you need to revive it back to its previous glorious state of sharpness. This is your tool , your key to success. If your tool is blunt and weak how can you be successful?

This is the Principle of Self-Renewal. This is one of the Keys To Success, this is the 7th Habit of Highly Effective People as mentioned by Stephen R. Covey.

The 7 Habits are:

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive: Principles of Personal Vision
  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind: Principles of Personal Leadership
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First: Principles of Personal Management
  • Habit 4: Think Win/Win: Principles of Interpersonal Leadership
  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood: Principles of Empathetic Communication
  • Habit 6: Synergize: Principles of Creative Communication
  • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw: Principles of Balanced Self-Renewal

About 7th Habit Stephen Covey says

Sharpen the Saw is the unique endowment of continuous improvement or self-renewal to overcome entropy. If you don’t constantly improve and renew yourself, you’ll fall into entropy, closed systems and styles. At one end of the continuum is entropy (everything breaks down), and the other end is continuous improvement, innovation, and refinement. On the continuum, you go from a condition of entropy to a condition of continuous renewal, improvement, innovation, and refinement.

( Source)

It seems that the Muslims of today are struck in this Entropy. They are imprisoned in ritualistic worship and merely verbal declaration of Emaan.There is no improvement, no purification , no refinement and no increase of Emaan.

Fourteen hundred years ago, Allah Tala gave us the Glorious Quran and Muslims were expected to keep increasing their faith by it and therefore keep increasing and improving their Self and to keep purifying themselves.

Allah Tala says in Surah Tawbah Ayat 124:

And whenever there comes down a Sûrah (chapter from the Qur’ân), some of them (hypocrites) say: “Which of you has had his Faith increased by it?” As for those who believe, it has increased their Faith, and they rejoice.

Allah Tala says in Surah Al-Lail Ayat 17-18

And Al-Muttaqûn will be far removed from it (Hell). He who spends his wealth for increase in self-purification

Allah Tala also gave us this month of Ramadan to Sharpen up our emaan, to revive our souls and to re-energize our faith and connection with Allah and to purify ourselves. Prophet Muhammad saw gave us the wisdom of Sayaam during the day and Qayaam during the night to keep us on our toes and to Renew Our Self totally by being on a training program day and night for 30 days. Allah Tala imprisoned the Shayateen to make it easy for us to do so.

Before the Start of Ramadan, i mentioned about a “Welcome Ramadan” lecture by Safiya Khan here.

I also introduced Safiya Khan in the following words:

Safiya Khan is one of the most talented students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Due to her great interest and knowledge in the subject of Psychology, she beautifully and eloquently explains the concepts of the Quran based on the human psychology. Being an avid reador of she explains how the Qur’an gave the best concepts about Successful people fourteen hundered years ago which, the success literature of today provides after years of research. She brings in a unique dimension in understanding the Qur’an..

Alhamdullilah, this lecture is now available as a small booklet called “Welcome Ramadan A Self Renewal Plan.For this lecture and booklet, She has used this concept of Self Renewal from Stephen Covey

This booklet gives us the practical guidelines to implement this Self renewal Process Effectively in Ramadan. The Self Renewal Process by Stephen Covey incorporates 4 dimensions Soul Mind Body Heart..

“Human beings are not things needing to be motivated and controlled; they are four dimensionalbody, mind, heart, and spirit.” (Stephen Covey)


Safiya Khan has discussed these four dimensions with respect to Ramadan. What practical steps need to be taken to Renew these four dimensions in Ramadan. Read through the pdf booklet for more details. A very brief summary of the renewal plan is shown in the slide below taken from her Presentation. plan

Just like cutting trees with a blunt knife is impossible…similarly entering Jannah is impossible with a blunt, dead Emaan. If we refuse to utilize Ramadan for renewing our selves and our emaan, we are worst than a stupid wood cutter cutting trees with a terribly blunt knife.

Self Renewal Plan

Pdf Doc :Self Renewal Plan

Coming Soon: Audio Lecture: Welcome Ramadan by Safiya Khan

Reminder: There is a Dora e Quran by Safiya Khan going on at Mehran Hall Creek Club, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan from 9:45 – 12:30 daily during Ramadan. All ladies are cordially invited.

This article first appeared as a guest post here

Istaqbaale Ramadan by Huma Najam – A Summary

Ramadan – When Sins are burnt Ramadan – This word literally means “Jala dainay Wala” i.e. “One that Burns” According to scholars, in this month the Sins are burnt away.. therefore it is called Ramadan.

Ramadan – The month in which muslims defy all logic.

When you are hungry.. u dont eat, when you are thirsty , you dont drink.. when u dont feel like eating so early in the morning.. you eat Sehri. When you are dead tired and want to sleep.. you go pray Tarawih..standing for hours… So in this month, every muslim who fasts, Obeys Allah. There is no obedience to Logic.. there is no obedience to Desires.

So this month is the month for us to practice obeying Allah and stop obeying our Nafs, desires and logic.

Eating & Drinking & husband wife relations are all Halal actions. So if while fasting & obeying Allah, we can stop from these Halal acts, that means we are fully capable of avoiding actions which are haram and which are disliked by Allah SubhanaWatala, We can not make an excuse.. that ohh i just cant do this and i cant do that. If Allah subhana watala has ordered us to do something, that means we are fully capable of doing it, its just that we don’t do it coz we dont Want to do something.

Ramadan – Leave the body, Focus on the Soul

The whole year round, we eat, we drink, we sleep, we fulfill our desires..so all our efforts are on the body, we forget the soul. While fasting we stop eating, drinking, sleeping and fulfilling desires, so we can focus on the Rooh – Soul

But what is the Rooh – Soul ?

We say “My Hand, My body, my eyes etc…” Who is this “MY” ? Who is the owner of the body? It is the soul which owns the body, it is the master of the body.. and it should have full control over it. However, due to our focus on just the Body, we keep ignoring the soul and thus our body becomes our master. The body starts controlling. We eat what our body wants..we forget the halal and haram.. we sleep when our body wants.. we forget if it is the prayer time…When you open your eyes for fajr, it is your body who wants you to go back to sleep in the cosy bed. If all this is happening, then our body is in control. Body is a terrible master…but it is a good slave.

So Ramadan is the time to give back the power and control back to your soul. The soul needs nourishment just like the body. The body comes for Mitti ( Dust) and its nourishment also comes from the same. However, the Rooh is from Allah therefore its nourishment is also from Allah..i.e. The Quran

Ramadan – Month for Quran

Quran was revealed in ramadan and in ramadan Quran should be you main source of purifying, strengthening and nourishing your soul.

Is Your Soul Weak or Strong?

Signs of a Weak Soul with no power

  • You dread the coming of Ramadan. you are like “Oh itnee subha uthna paray ga..ufhoo sehri kerni paray gii..routine disturb hoga.. and other similar stuff.
  • You can’t wait for the Ramadan to get over
  • You feel imprisoned in ramadan. You cant do what you want
  • You spend your entire roza either sleeping or watching movies so you don’t feel the hunger.
  • You cant wake up for Sehri, so you watch movies the whole night, eat something and go to sleep right after Sehri is over.

Even Soul has ears…but constant gheebat (backbiting), lying and disobeying Allah.. makes the Soul “Deaf”

Even soul can speak.. but constantly ignoring the cries of the Soul, constantly telling it to stay quiet, to shut up made the Soul dumb. Rooh ko gongi ker dia baar baar chup kara kara ker.

If you are suffering from the above.. that means your Rooh is weak, it is ill, sick..it is deaf and it is dumb… it is Retarted.. just how a human body can be retarted, the Rooh becomes retarted and sins and disobedience to Allah is the cause of this retardation. The good news is.. this retardation is curable and the cure is Quran.. reciting the Quran and Reading the Quran with understanding.

Signs of a Strong Soul

  • There is not a major difference in you in ramadan and other months. You are obedient to Allah all year long.
  • You Soul has control over your body – so its easy for you to wake up early for fajr , Tahajjud…pray all the prayers avoid sins.. big and small .. backbiting and lying are big sins.

How to Resurrect a Dead/Weak Soul

Take Full Advantage of this Month to implement the following in your lives.

  • Stop counting the number of times you completed the Quran in ramadan. read and recite and understand ONE Quran with your full potential. If Quran was just meant to be read – Allah SubhanaTala would have just sent a written book for people to read. Allah sent a guide, a teacher with the Quran so it is well understood, explained and implemented.
  • Along with the rest of your body, your ears, eyes and tongue all should fast. That means no gossiping, no listening to gheebat/backbiting. music… no lying, not even white lies…no slangs, no abusive language, no shouting screaming singing,no watching things not liked by Allah. Switch your TV off , no glances at opposite sex
  • No anger, no complaining
  • No shopping in ramadan. Do all your shopping before hand. Ramadan is not the time to be begging tailors to stitch your clothes.. its the the time to beg Allah for forgiveness. Last 10 days of Ramadan are not for buying shoes.. they are for buying Jannat. Instead of spending time in shopping centres.. tiring your legs shopping.. spend your time in prayers in front of Allah.. tiring your legs in Qayam(standing before Allah)
  • Shab e Qadr is NOT on the 27th of Ramadan. It may be on ANY of the odd nights of the last 10 days. So do ibadat in all the odd nights..
  • Be a pauper in front of Allah –Allah kai samnay faqir ban ker mango, app kainaat kai Badshah sai mang rahay hain
  • Excessive duas all the time and anywhere. Keep a small book of masnoon duas in your purse, pocket and the car. Utilize your travel time in reading duas or Quran
  • Learn some part of Quran and some duas.
  • Instead of sending iftaris to your next door neighbour, who are eating things almost the same as you, better to send iftari to the poor who can not afford good food.
  • Buy rashan of entire month for your servants
  • give less work to your servants. be kind and generous to them
  • this is not a month for socializing and partying.Keep iftar parties as minumum as possible, do not miss taravih just coz of the iftar party
  • Make this month special for Allah. Strengthen your bond and connection with Allah. Tire urself in ibadat instead of tiring your self and your servants in preparing elaborated iftaris.
  • Read, recite & understand the Quran.

This post is based on the lecture Istaqbaal e Ramadan delivered by Huma Najam on 5th Sep,07 at Creek Club, D.H.A, Karachi.

I took some notes of the lecture and re wrote it in my own words, adding my understanding of the concepts too. I also missed a lot of what Huma Apa said.. but i hope whatever i retained will be beneficial and that Inshallah it is implemented  by my self an those reading  it. Any mistake in this post is mine alone & not the speakers.

Related News:

Daura e Quran by Huma Najam will be held at FTC from 1st Ramadan from 9:30 am..more details here

Welcome Ramadan Lecture by Safiya Khan

Istaqbaal-e-Ramadan Program by Safiya Khan

Sunday 9th September at

Defence Hall, D.H.A Creek Club.

4:30 – 6:30

All ladies are cordially invited.

Welcome Ramadan Lecture by Safiya Khan

Safiya Khan is one of the most talented students of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Due to her great interest and knowledge in the subject of Psychology, she beautifully and eloquently explains the concepts of the Quran based on the human psychology. Being an avid reador of Stephen R. Covey she explains how the Qur’an gave the best concepts about Successful people fourteen hundered years ago which, the success literature of today provides after years of research. She brings in a unique dimension in understanding the Qur’an..

Quran is the Key to Success

Do you read this book?

But do you understand it?

Understanding is the Key

Now is a chance to understand this great book and to be successful..

There will be a Dora-e-Qur’an starting 1st Ramadan at Creek Club Inshallah. May Allah reward her for all her efforts. Ameen.


Please forward to all others you know.. it will be Inshallah Sadqa e Jariya for you.


Ramadan Programs – By Huma Najam

Istaqbaal-e-Ramadan (Welcoming Ramadan)

Venu: Creek Club Hall, Creek Club, Phase VIII, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan

( Near Marina Club, Carlton Hotel, Area 51)

Date: 5th September,07

Time: 4:45 – 7:00

For Ladies only

Ramadan Dora e Quran (Explanation of the whole Qur’an in Ramadan)

Venu: The FTC Auditorium, Shahrah e Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan

Starting 1st Ramadan till 27th Ramadan

Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

For Ladies Only.

Huma Najam has extensively studied Quran under Dr. Israr Ahmed and Dr.Farhat Hashmi. She is an eloquent speaker and her beautiful mannerism and style has swayed the hearts of many people. He urdu is beautiful, refined and sweet and i totally love listening to her.

The first time i heard her was quite a few years ago and i was struck.. she was explaining Surah Kahaf and i fell in love with her as well as the Surah.

Since her programs are only for ladies.. would highly recommend the gents to bring their mothers, wives, sisters and all their female relatives to the lectures.

Her Seeratun Nabi Series.. is available online to download here if you want to hear her out.

Pics of Korangi Creek Karachi – After the Rain

وَأَغۡرَقۡنَا ٱلَّذِينَ ڪَذَّبُواْ بِـَٔايَـٰتِنَآ‌ۚ إِنَّہُمۡ ڪَانُواْ قَوۡمًا عَمِينَ

…and We drowned those who denied Our Ayats (Signs). Lo! they were blind folk.

(Quran- Surah Araaf: 63)

This was the punishment of the people of Nooh (as)…so won’t we take heed after the disastrous rains that lashed Karachi ? Wont we repent and make amends so we don’t meet the same fate? The Pictures below shows the Korangi Creek before and after the rains. The rain that devastated DHA Phase IV and V and Sea View did not do much damage to Phase VIII. The rain water accumulated in the empty plots. But the rain that started last night..has literally flooded the whole area! One can hardly make out where the creek ends and where the main land starts.The water on the empty plots is almost three feet deep and now coming on the streets.

It is the rule of Allah Tala, that when a nation or people keep on rejecting His Ayats ( Signs in the universe and Ayats of the Quran), Allah Subhana Tala sends down punishment to wipe them out.

Everybody knows the poshest localities are the most corrupt. All kinds of indecent activities, drinking, gambling occurs in such areas…and these have been the most badly affected.. I feel these recent rains are a warning…a sign from Allah keh “Sudhar Jao”…

O Allah forgive all our sins, the big, the small, the open and the hidden. O Allah guide us all and protect us all and save us from the torments ( Azaabs) and do not include us amongst the wrong doers.


Check out the fresh pics taken today morning…and take heed. What if it keeps raining? what if the creek overflows.. the whole area would be flooded.. what if the sea level rises dangerously…

Korangi Creek Before Rain after01.jpg before02.jpg



Update: Some more ayats from the Qur’an.

 Torments Come Suddenly

وَكَم مِّن قَرۡيَةٍ أَهۡلَكۡنَـٰهَا فَجَآءَهَا بَأۡسُنَا بَيَـٰتًا أَوۡ هُمۡ قَآٮِٕلُونَ

 And a great number of towns (their population) We destroyed (for their crimes). Our torment came upon them (suddenly) by night or while they were taking their midday nap. (Araaf-3)

 Allah sw sends calamities so we humble ourselves and repent

وَمَآ أَرۡسَلۡنَا فِى قَرۡيَةٍ۬ مِّن نَّبِىٍّ إِلَّآ أَخَذۡنَآ أَهۡلَهَا بِٱلۡبَأۡسَآءِ وَٱلضَّرَّآءِ لَعَلَّهُمۡ يَضَّرَّعُونَ

(Araaf -93) And We sent no Prophet unto any town (and they denied him), but We seized its people with suffering from extreme poverty (or loss in wealth) and loss of health (and calamities), so that they might humiliate themselves (and repent to Allâh).

 Punishments come due to our own misdeeds

 وَلَوۡ أَنَّ أَهۡلَ ٱلۡقُرَىٰٓ ءَامَنُواْ وَٱتَّقَوۡاْ لَفَتَحۡنَا عَلَيۡہِم بَرَكَـٰتٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱلسَّمَآءِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضِ وَلَـٰكِن كَذَّبُواْ فَأَخَذۡنَـٰهُم بِمَا ڪَانُواْ يَكۡسِبُونَ

(Araaf- 95) And if the people of the towns had believed and had the Taqwâ (piety), certainly, We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they belied (the Messengers). So We took them (with punishment) for what they used to earn (polytheism and crimes).

Celebrating 60 Years of “Lipservice”

ON August 14th – 2007

Pakistani Musicians: [The people who “love” Pakistan the most] Hide your jeans and T Shirts.. n if a female singer – your sleveless and other  dresses… adorn a White Shalwar Kameez and sing your Love for Pakistan and claim to be a Proud Pakistani.

Way of Celebration: Hold some concerts or TV Shows…. sing one or two patriotic songs…wave some flags, wear a patriotic badge

Pakistanis: [Wearing a patriotic badge…waving the national flag] Instead of working for the country, take a holiday on 14th August and claim your patriotism…I love Pakistan I’m Proud to be Pakistani I will do this for my country.. i will do that for my country…blah blah blah

Way of Celebration: Wave the flags on your bikes, cars, shops and houses. Get rid of the silencers of your motor bikes – head towards sea view. Break all hell loose by destroying everything that comes in your way.. gas stations..sign boards, footpaths, shops in the meanwhile creating traffic jams and creating unbearable noise pollution that make the life of fellow Pakistanis living along Khataban e Ittehad and Sea View miserable.

Pakistani Government: Celebrating 60 years of Independence, We have done this for our country.. that for our country.. itnee Tarraqi huee hai.. itna kaam hua hai.. blah blah..

Way of Celebration :Appear on some TV Show.. reiterate your (fake) love for Pakistan and (fake) hardwork you have done. Listen to and shake hands with the respectable female Pakistani singers…

Rest of the Year :

Pakistani Musicians: Pakistan ? What Pakistan… Shalwar Kameez..??? Ewww backwards.. adorn your jeans and shirts, do your utmost to look like western singers or Movie Stars and sing songs of love for your beloved(s) . Go out of Pakistan at every possible opportunity… try to get Indian or American Nationality so you dont have to live in this country…

Pakistanis: Try and make as much money as possible, by hook or by crook. Defraud, cheat and lie and steal. Steal electricity, take bribes, throw kachra everywhere, spit out paan, break traffic laws. Never get to your office on time.. leave office early, do chutti when ever you want. Celebrate everything and everyday by asking for a public holiday. [If people given the choice.. they would work once a month- rest of the days should be a public holidy – great service to the nation.] If you want to protest.. go set some restaurant on fire or some other shop on fire.
Government of Pakistan: Go back to looting the country.

In the end.. everybody is the same. All our claims are nothing but a lipservice. because lip service is easy, all you need to do is move your tongue. Words like hard Work, punctuality, dedication, sincerity and loyalty do not belong in our dictionary of patriotism.