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Annoying kid behaviour.. the real explanation

Fidgeting, biting, chewing,touching others and walls, clumsy behaviour, lack of attention and focus are all signs of an undeveloped Proprioceptive system. This video explains it beautifully. I feel terrible for getting annoyed and sometimes yelling at some of such behaviour in my daughter! May Allah forgive me and make me a better parent.

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Parents what’s wrong with you!??

Excellent parenting tips from Nouman Ali Khan.. he talks about the mistakes that parents make which leads to extremely bad relationships between them and their teenaged childred. He emphasises that all that children crave when they are young 2, 3, 4 ,5 years old is the parents attention and approval. If we ignore them, consider them to be hinderences in our rest times, hobbies and interests.. they will shove us away when we are old!

For fathers! Your job begins when you GO a father spend time with your children! After coming back home from a long day at work…its not vacation time!

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Teaching Islam to our Kids

In this lecture brother Noman Ali Khan has given invaluable advice on how to raise our children and teach them Islam. All Muslim parents must listen to his advice.

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Schools Kill Creativity!


This made so much sense and gave me lots of encouragement to start homeschooling my daughter. There is one thing that I noted in my daughter which now makes sense to me. After four months of schooling when I met her teacher, she told me that she needs to work on quantity..  i.e. she could not count objects correctly, but when i tested her at home asking her to give me 4 tomatoes.. or to tell me how many fingers i had up.. she told me correctly! but when i gave her the  school workbook to count the pictures of bees… she went  one .. four..five.. eight! :S DUH.. what happened.. it was only after reading holts book did i realize what was hapenning.

This is what schools do to a child numb their brain…as John Holt says:

For children, the central business of school is not learning, whatever this
vague word means; it is getting these daily tasks done, or at least out of the
way, with a minimum of effort and unpleasantness. Each task is an end in
itself. The children don’t care how they dispose of it. If they can get it out of
the way by doing it, they will do it; if experience has taught them that this
does not work very well, they will turn to other means, illegitimate means,
that wholly defeat whatever purpose the task giver may have had in mind.
With a workbook in front of her…her mind said this is school.. hence the wrong answers, which is why homeschooling is the way Alhamdulilah.


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How I stopped my three year old from scribbling on walls!

The first challenge of my homeschooling journey was to stop A from scribbling on the walls, floor and furniture because were were renting… I had been trying to make her stop writing on the walls and other places since she was 1, but nothing seemed to work! I explained, I punished, I ignored.. i tried everything, but the second I turned my head she would be at it! Dadis and Nanis houses are a testimony to that! ahh and don’t ask how Mr.Mamoo would be angry to find scribbles on his sofa and walls! The only solution I found was to not give her anything to write with. Her crayons, pens, markers everything was kept hidden…but this greatly affected her learning to write skills and I realized that not giving her crayons or markers was not the solution. Then I found this book, Parenting through story telling and then I made up stories of a boy and a girl, how the girl would make beautiful drawings and paintings and was appreciated by all and how the boy would always write /paint on the walls…i did this for about a month and in the end always associated my daughter with the good girl..and Alhamdulilah it seemed to have worked
BUT…my 1 year old son is now at it and no storytelling would work at such a young age! The minute he gets his hands on a pen or a pencil he is at the walls…so much for a clean house .. AHHH
Once Upon a time..Parenting through storytelling by Hoda Beshir
It can be downloaded from here


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It’s only when you become a mother you realize the worth of your mother!

Its been a long long time since i blogged.. reason… well its almost impossible to take out time for writing with a 2 year old and a new born in the house. I have missed blogging a lot and was thinking of how should  I make a come back. So iv decided to share my joys and pains of married life and parenting and write very short write ups….so here goes.

Motherhood is a great transition. You finally realize what your mother went through and realize that bringing a new life into this world is the most amazing and the most difficult thing  in this world. But guess what… raising them up  is tougher than labor! Motherhood means sacrifice sacrifice of .. sleep hobbies interests and self! and it is only then you realize the worth of your mother.