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Why is our new ruler worst than his predecessor?

The situation of Pakistan has gone from bad to worst since our new president came into office. It seems he is no better than the previous one and is infact the worst thing that could have happened to Pakistan.

The question is why? Why are all our leaders, politicians,MNAs MPAs corrupt? Why do they cheat and lie and are only interested in filling their bank accounts? Are politicians the only such breed of Pakistanis with no morals or principles?

The answer is no!

Majority of the Pakistanis – I would say 95% of Pakistanis are corrupt, selfish, liars and cheaters and would not leave any opportunity to cheat and fool others so that they can fill their own pockets.. Yes I am a 100% Pakistani and I am not afraid to admit that we as nation have failed and we as a nation have no morals or principles.

Go to a shop, and if you are not on your guard, the shopkeeper will give you less change and it is usually the ladies who are the victims. Once a shop keeper tried to cheat me of 500 hundered rupees. I asked him three times to count and he kept insisting that this was the right amount. It was only when my brother came in that he admitted his mistake.

Go out shopping and you might be given less cloth than what you paid for or will sell you a cheaper quality cloth while swearing that they have the “pure” top quality cloth…

Buy some fruits and vegetables and if you don’t check, you’ll end up with rotten fruit and vegetables instead of the fresh ones displayed on the thaila. Oh and don’t expect you’ll get the right weight which you paid for…

Call a plumber or an electrician to your home to fix things and they will ask for exorbant amounts! Once a plumber was called and he asked for 500 rupees to change the leaking faucet. The other plumber was called and he charged only 20.

If you have ever had the experience of getting a house constructed, you would know what I am talking about. With a such a project you need to deal with masons, plumbers, electricians, laborers, carpenters, etc etc and it should be enough to make your blood boil.. When my mother and brother were getting the house constructed while my father was abroad, trust me every one who got the chance cheated… the wood would vanish from the house, the cement would always be running out, the electricians would not come on time, wrong bathroom fittings were sent and what not!

Go to get any official work done and you will be openly asked to pay bribes before your work/application can proceed. Individuals in their office would take advantage of and misuse office supplies, telephone, stationery etc

Bribery, theft, cell phone snatching, car snatching – all these crimes are increasing day by day.

What a sorry picture of our nation. Whether it be a poor thaila wala or a shop wala , a simple looking electrician, an office worker , a government official or a rich bureaucrat – everyone in their own capacity wants to take undue advantage or cheat others so they can fill their pockets or make some additional profit! Basic qualities like honesty, sincerity, selflessness, punctuality, loyalty are no where to be seen

Prophet Muhammad (s) said regarding the relation between the rulers and the ruled:

As you are, so will be the rulers that will be set over you” (Mishkaat).

So corrupt leaders and politicians should not  come as a surprise to us., they are just a reflection of the citizens. If we want change, if we want justice, if we want loyal sincere and honest leaders we will have to clean up our own act first.

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Leaders Lie, Civilians Die and Lessons of History Are Ignored

By Robert Fisk

We’ve got so used to the carnage of the Middle East that we don’t care any more – providing we don’t offend the Israelis. It’s not clear how many of the Gaza dead are civilians, but the response of the Bush administration, not to mention the pusillanimous reaction of Gordon Brown, reaffirm for Arabs what they have known for decades: however they struggle against their antagonists, the West will take Israel’s side. As usual, the bloodbath was the fault of the Arabs – who, as we all know, only understand force.

Ever since 1948, we’ve been hearing this balderdash from the Israelis just as Arab nationalists and then Arab Islamists have been peddling their own lies: that the Zionist “death wagon” will be overthrown, that all Jerusalem will be “liberated”. And always Mr Bush Snr or Mr Clinton or Mr Bush Jnr or Mr Blair or Mr Brown have called upon both sides to exercise “restraint” – as if the Palestinians and the Israelis both have F-18s and Merkava tanks and field artillery. Hamas’s home-made rockets have killed just 20 Israelis in eight years, but a day-long blitz by Israeli aircraft that kills almost 300 Palestinians is just par for the course.

The blood-splattering has its own routine. Yes, Hamas provoked Israel’s anger, just as Israel provoked Hamas’s anger, which was provoked by Israel, which was provoked by Hamas, which … See what I mean? Hamas fires rockets at Israel, Israel bombs Hamas, Hamas fires more rockets and Israel bombs again and … Got it? And we demand security for Israel – rightly – but overlook this massive and utterly disproportionate slaughter by Israel. It was Madeleine Albright who once said that Israel was “under siege” – as if Palestinian tanks were in the streets of Tel Aviv.

By last night, the exchange rate stood at 296 Palestinians dead for one dead Israeli. Back in 2006, it was 10 Lebanese dead for one Israeli dead. This weekend was the most inflationary exchange rate in a single day since – the 1973 Middle East War? The 1967 Six Day War? The 1956 Suez War? The 1948 Independence/Nakba War? It’s obscene, a gruesome game – which Ehud Barak, the Israeli Defence Minister, unconsciously admitted when he spoke this weekend to Fox TV. “Our intention is to totally change the rules of the game,” Barak said.

Exactly. Only the “rules” of the game don’t change. This is a further slippage on the Arab-Israeli exchanges, a percentage slide more awesome than Wall Street’s crashing shares, though of not much interest in the US which – let us remember – made the F-18s and the Hellfire missiles which the Bush administration pleads with Israel to use sparingly.

Quite a lot of the dead this weekend appear to have been Hamas members, but what is it supposed to solve? Is Hamas going to say: “Wow, this blitz is awesome – we’d better recognise the state of Israel, fall in line with the Palestinian Authority, lay down our weapons and pray we are taken prisoner and locked up indefinitely and support a new American ‘peace process’ in the Middle East!” Is that what the Israelis and the Americans and Gordon Brown think Hamas is going to do?

Yes, let’s remember Hamas’s cynicism, the cynicism of all armed Islamist groups. Their need for Muslim martyrs is as crucial to them as Israel’s need to create them. The lesson Israel thinks it is teaching – come to heel or we will crush you – is not the lesson Hamas is learning. Hamas needs violence to emphasise the oppression of the Palestinians – and relies on Israel to provide it. A few rockets into Israel and Israel obliges.

Not a whimper from Tony Blair, the peace envoy to the Middle East who’s never been to Gaza in his current incarnation. Not a bloody word.

We hear the usual Israeli line. General Yaakov Amidror, the former head of the Israeli army’s “research and assessment division” announced that “no country in the world would allow its citizens to be made the target of rocket attacks without taking vigorous steps to defend them”. Quite so. But when the IRA were firing mortars over the border into Northern Ireland, when their guerrillas were crossing from the Republic to attack police stations and Protestants, did Britain unleash the RAF on the Irish Republic? Did the RAF bomb churches and tankers and police stations and zap 300 civilians to teach the Irish a lesson? No, it did not. Because the world would have seen it as criminal behaviour. We didn’t want to lower ourselves to the IRA’s level.

Yes, Israel deserves security. But these bloodbaths will not bring it. Not since 1948 have air raids protected Israel. Israel has bombed Lebanon thousands of times since 1975 and not one has eliminated “terrorism”. So what was the reaction last night? The Israelis threaten ground attacks. Hamas waits for another battle. Our Western politicians crouch in their funk holes. And somewhere to the east – in a cave? a basement? on a mountainside? – a well-known man in a turban smiles.—Dawn/The Independent News Service

Source: Dawn News

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Afia Siddiqui : Her picture speaks a thousand words…

Afia Siddiqui Now
Afia Siddiqui Now

Look closely at the two pictures above. Is the picture below really of the same woman? This picture is haunting me, it is telling me stories about the pain and suffering and the torture this Muslim Woman – My Sister in Islam has been through in the past five years of her life.

Aafia Siddiqui is a Pakistani who graduated from MIT. In 2003, while on her way in a taxi with her three young sons, she disappeared never to be heard of again until recently when she was found in US Custody and the US claimed that they arrested her on 17th July in Afghanistan.[7]

Her Crime :

Aafia Siddiqui allegedly yelled “allahu akbar” and grabbed a soldier’s rifle and fired two shots before she was shot herself in the July 18 incident.Despite being shot, Siddiqui struggled with the officers when they tried to subdue her; she struck and kicked them while shouting in English that she wanted to kill Americans[7]

For her crime she was presented before the court in New York on the 5th of August and her trial is underway in USA.

She is thought to be the ghost lady, the only woman prisoner No. 650 imprisoned in Afghanistan.[1][2] Reports tell of the horrendous trials she went through there screaming and crying all night long.[3] Reports suggest that she was severly tortured, one of her kidneys was removed, her teeth were removed, her nose was broken and improperly set and her recent gun shot wound was oozing blood constantly.[4] He picture testifies to this harsh reality which the US is trying to hide, stating that she was in hiding since the past five years.

Knowing the history of Abuse of the prisoners of Abu Gharib by the Americans, i don’t even want to imagine what she must have gone through there being a woman. It was reported that she was constantly raped and abused, forced to use mens toilets and forced to eat non halal food.

Shame on me. Sleeping comfortably in my home eating and having fun. Living a comfortable life while my Muslim sister is being raped and tortured by the American dogs! Shame on all our leaders and all the Muslims. When will we wake up from our slumber. All our time and efforts are for what? Earning wealth, living luxuriously. Eating, drinking and partying.

There is nothing else in the life of our Muslim youth but”chilling out and having fun” and trying to BE AMERICAN! wanting their way of life, dressing up like they dress up, watching movies they make, doing things they do! When will we open our eyes and realize their deception that they are our enemies! WHEN? When it happens to us personally or to our very own mothers and sisters and daughters?

Look at the picture again. Her story is not to be read, to just feel pity and to be eventually forgotten. It has given me a lot to think about. The deception of the west and their full efforts to make us despise our own religion – to make us into “moderate” Muslims – Just Muslims by name and not in deed and actions. Their fake cries of liberation of women when they can not even respect women. Their glossed up lifestyle and cries of freedeom of expression when they can not even let us practice and preach our own faith.

Look at her picture? It gives a lot to think about and a lot to do. What does it give you?

[1]Yvonne Ridle on the Grey Lady of Bagram

[2]Pakistani Woman in Afghan Prison

[3] Jang : Kia Woh Afia Siddiqui Hai? By Irfan Siddiqui

[4]Afia Siddiqui – Wikipedia Article

[5] Afia Siddiqui Appears in Court- BBC News

[6]Say Allah Willing (Inshallah) then you are a terrorist! by Adnan Siddiqui

[7]US claim that they arrested her on 17th July in Afghanistan

For All the recent updates on Dr. Afia’s Case visit Teeth Maestro


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Global Economic Terrorism Part 1- By Zaid Hamid

Episode 3 of Zaid Hamid Sahib’s program as seen on TV One. A real eye opener!

Zaid Hamid is the founder of “BrassTacks” Advanced Threat Analysis and security Management Consultants.

Mr. Zaid Hamid is regularly coming on Pakistani channel News One in a Program with the same name to inform the general public of the security issues and how the zionists are controlling the economy and he is also warning the Pakistanis of a severe food famine lingering ahead. He has an amazing knowledge Mashallah of global security issues, history, zionist movements and the internal world politics as well as  Islam. He has gained a huge fan following and TV viewship.. even housewives are addicted to his views and opinions! His program is a must watch and is indeed a great eye opener.

His Profile from the BrassTacks website is as follows:

“Mr. Zaid Zaman Hamid is an eminent security professional having extensive practical experience and exposure in the fields of security management, strategic and tactical planning, threat analysis, irregular warfare, electronic security solutions and training of security personal.

His expertise is largely through exposure and is most unique and diversified. He has witnessed war at close range, experiencing the finest guerilla operations in modern times.

He has been the area head of Electronic Security Alarm System Division of Brinks Pakistan and has attended many international exhibitions on security services and products, including world-renowned international Fire and safety exhibition, IFSEC, UK and American society for industrial security, ASIS, USA.

Mr. Hamid is the author of over twenty published articles and handbooks on various defense and security related issues.”

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Benazir Bhutto Assasinated

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Dec 27 (Reuters) Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed in a gun and bomb attack after a rally in Rawalpindi. Dawn News

Assassination of Benazir Bhutto is definitely a great blow to any hope for any kind of peace and stability in Pakistan. Killing, murdering and suicide attacks are heinous crimes no matter who the victim, be it innocent civilians or political leaders.

Majority of the people, non-muslims as well as enlightened Muslims are under the impression that practicing Muslims will be happy with such a thing or that they promote or support such terrorist activities. Already accusations are being hurled that it was done by some Islamist Jihadist etc etc…

Who ever the assassin, I just want to present Quranic Ayats and saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw) so you can see for your self what Islam has to say about murdering.

“…if anyone killed a person not in retaliation of murder(Qisas), or (and) to spread mischief in the land – it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”(Quran 5:32)

The Prophet said, “The biggest of Al-Kaba’ir (the great sins) are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) to murder a human being, (3) to be undutiful to one’s parents (4) and to make a false statement,” or said, “to give a false witness.”(Bukhari 83 : Hadith 10)

The Prophet said, “No human being is killed unjustly, but a part of responsibility for the crime is laid on the first son of Adam who invented the tradition of killing (murdering) on the earth. (It is said that he was Qabil).(Bukhari 83:6)

Allah’s Apostles said, “When a slave (of Allah) commits illegal sexual intercourse, he is not a believer at the time of committing it; and if he steals, he is not a believer at the time of stealing; and if he drinks an alcoholic drink, when he is not a believer at the time of drinking it; and he is not a believer when he commits a murder,” ‘Ikrima said: I asked Ibn Abbas, “How is faith taken away from him?” He said, Like this,” by clasping his hands and then separating them, and added, “But if he repents, faith returns to him like this, by clasping his hands again.(Bukhari 82:800)

The last hadith makes it very very clear that suicide bombing can never ever be accepted in Islam.

When the bomber is exploding the bomb, at that moment he is killing other human beings and according to the hadith the faith is taken away from him. If at this time he is killed himself.. how can he ever enter paradise or be considered a martyr or a jihadi when he died without faith!!??

May Allah forgive her, may Allah have mercy on all of us and on our country Pakistan.Ameen


Update: Benazir died from gunshots, not suicide bombing! Benazir Bhutoo was in her car returning back, when she suddenly came out of the sun roof of her car to wave to the crowd, there were three gun shots and she was hit, she fell down and then the bomb exploded. This description was given by John Moore, a photographer who was just 20 yards away from Benazir and taking her pics. See his photographs right before and after her assassination here

The assassin must have been an expert hit man to have shot her straight in the head and neck.

Update: For updated news regarding the current situation and mobile pics taken just before the assasination showing the assassin, please visit this blog Teeth Maestro

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Our Leaders Just Dont Fall out of the Sky!


Present leadership in the Muslim Ummah at any level, from government ministries down to ordinary trustees of Masjids and Islamic institutions hardly qualify for the lofty requirements of leadership in Islam. They lack even the very basic qualities of leadership such as Taqwa (righteousness), Ilm (knowledge) and Ikhlas (sincerity), let alone the vast array of other leadership qualities that make a good Islamic leader. Some even lack Iman yet they head entire Muslim countries, and for decades! (There are rare cases of good leadership but very rare indeed). Muslims all over the world are fed up and frustrated with these tin-pot leaders. They are looking for a way out of the mess they find themselves in mainly due to the inefficiencies of corrupt leaders. But the solution to the problem does not lie only in blaming the leaders. There is also another dimension.


Muslim intellectuals and writers have written extensively on the ills of these corrupt and oppressive rulers, often placing all the blame at their door. It may be correct to attribute part of our suffering and retrogression to these corrupt leaders, but is it fair and just to attribute every problem and misery only to corrupt leadership? Is it not being simplistic to expect that all of the Ummah’s problems will be automatically solved merely with a change of leadership? Are leaders alone guilty and responsible for the malaise of the Ummah? A sensible person would not be expected to answer ‘yes!’ to any of these questions. It would be foolish to assume so. The sad reality of the matter is that the Muslim masses are also guilty. They have a share in the problems that are being experienced. They cannot be totally absolved of blame as many people would like to believe. For in reality, leaders are but a reflection of the public. After all, leaders come from the same public, they don’t just fall out of the sky!


Consider the following words of Nabi (sallallahu-alyhi-wasallam) on the relationship between rulers and the ruled:

As you are, so will be the rulers that will be set over you (Mishkaat).

“…The hearts of the rulers are in my control. When My servants obey Me, I turn their leaders towards them in kindness. When My servants disobey Me, I turn their rulers towards them with wrath and anger, then they punish them terribly. So do not engross yourselves in swearing and criticising your rulers but rather engross yourselves in Dua and humble submission so that I may take care of your (oppressive) rulers” – al-I’itidaal


It follows clearly from these Ahadith that leaders are installed upon men by virtue of their actions and deeds. Good deeds – good rulers; bad deeds – bad rulers. A simple, inescapable reality. This is also in line with common sense in that good leaders will not be appreciated by a corrupt people. In fact they would be in grave danger of harm from their corrupt subjects. The only people to keep them in check would be corrupt and cruel leaders.


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Dr Israr advises Musharraf to call it a day

LAHORE, Nov 19: Religious scholar and Tanzeem-i-Islami founder Dr Israr Ahmad has called for lifting the emergency, reinstatement of superior court judges and withdrawal of all actions taken in pursuance of the proclamation of emergency and Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) besides resignation of Gen Pervez Musharraf.

Addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club here on Monday, Dr Israr urged General Pervez Musharraf to call it a day and resign from both president of Pakistan and chief of army staff slots if he earnestly believed in his own slogan ‘Pakistan first’ after accepting the demands of people from within Pakistan and abroad. Gen Musharraf should not keep his personal interest above the national interests, Dr Israr added.

He also called upon opposition political parties to ensure that their proposed movement for the restoration of democracy remains peaceful and they should themselves hand over to the government saboteurs disrupting their movement.

He said that they should call off their movement for the sake of national security and Pakistan’s survival if they felt it was beyond their control to keep it peaceful.

He quoted the example of calling off a movement launched by the late Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, when the agitated people had burnt down a police station in an Indian town of Chura Churi in which policemen were also burnt.

He said that Pakistan was facing threats from both eastern and western borders due to internal disturbance started after March 9 when Gen Musharraf had suspended deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. It led to a people’s movement and protest against the military rule identical to the PNA’s movement of 1977.

“If the situation worsens, the NATO forces are waiting on the western front to move into Pakistan and may deprive the country of its nuclear assets while on the eastern border India is ready to stage an action replay of 1971 events and has alerted its armed forces to intervene in to check threats to peace in the region.”

Dr Israr expressed his concern over yet another equally dangerous situation caused by what he described as “polarisation between extreme forces of secularism and the people demanding enforcement of Islamic Shariah in the country”. The situation he said, had taken an alarming proportion in the tribal areas, particularly in the areas north of Malakand and in Swat.

He said that it was not possible to suppress the movement by use of military force. The only way to solve the problem was to take Constitutional, legal and evolutionary measures for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah. For this purpose, he suggested making Article 2-A of the Constitution relating to the Objectives Resolution as overriding article and the parliament should take steps to make laws as recommended by the Council of Islamic Ideology in its voluminous reports lying in shelves of the government departments for the past many years.


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How can I change the world?

How can I change the world?

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits,
I dreamt of changing the world.

As I grew older and wiser,
I realized the world would not change
and I decided to shorten my sight somewhat and change only my country.
But it too seemed immovable.


As I entered my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt,
I tought to change only my family,
those closest to me,
but alas they would have none of it.


And now here I lie on my death bed and realize
(perhaps for the first time)
that if only I’d changed myself first,
then by example I may have implement my family
and with their encouragement and support,
I may have bettered my country
and who knows I may have changed the world.


Inna Allaha la yughayyiru ma biqawmin hatta yughayyiroo ma bianfusihim

Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls).(Quran: Surah Ar Ra’d 13:11)

by Uzma Saleem (Toronto)

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Democracy Dead on Arrival

Excellent writeup on Democracy in Pakistan and the feelings and opinions of the Pakistani Youth. By my sis Zen on byZentine

When General Pervaiz Musharraf ousted the Nawaz Sharif Government and took over Pakistan in 1999, most of those in born towards the end of the Zia-ul-haq era and having only seen the game of musical chairs of power between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto since gaining consciousness, were relieved, if not joyous, to see the notoriously corrupt politicians go into exile and pave way for a more disciplined military regime.

Seven years on we are wiser and weary. Musharraf has over-stayed his welcome. We never had any faith in the politicians in the first place, now by becoming disillusioned with the military regime we join the old and the wise in their cynicism of all forms of top-down power. Most have resigned to the fact that in politics faces change yet the ground realities remain the same.

As a student in Karachi, in the 1990s, we had… Read More

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“Bloody” return of Benazir Bhutto

The celebrations of the return of Benazir Bhutto (BB) turned into a Blood Bath (BB)  at the end of the day. Two bombs exploded near the special truck carrying her which resulted in many innocent and  poor people dying and getting injured.

To be honest, this blood shed did not come as a suprise to me. A big rally or  an event in Karachi without blood shed has sadly become impossible. No matter who it is who is coming or visiting, it is always the poor and the innocents who suffer the most and life in Karachi comes to a standstill.

All i can say to all the political leaders, politicians etc..

we are better off without you and your rallies , your protests or your celebrations. You bring nothing but suffering, deaths and bloodshed to my city. You bring the life of the common  man to a standstill, you keep the children and the youth of this city from going to schools and colleges, you keep the people going to offices and to their jobs… all coz of your own selfish interests. You bring the business to a halt in my city and cause huge financial  you disrupt the traffic and the routine.. you destroy my city and we don’t need you, we don’t want you, Karachi is better off without you

I pray to Allah to save us from evil corrupt and selfish leaders and politicians and to save us from the terrorists. Oh Allah give us naik, loyal, truthful and sincere leaders. Oh Allah have mercy on the innocent people who died today and give them a place in Jannah.

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Who were they ? Where did they go? By Dr. Shahid Masood

A must read article by Dr. Shahid Masood. What was hapenning behind the walls of Lal Masijd… how were the burqa wearing girls feeling while they were being bombed? Whether you are with or against the Lal Masjid, one thing is very very clear, the way the government treated them was horrific. Musharaff is now the tyrant of this age…forget saddam husain! Musharraf Vs The Chief Justice or Musharraf against the Lal Masjid, the innocent have to pay the biggest price.


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Reflections on Lal Masjid Issue…and Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Analysis

Invocation - DuaDua of Musa as

Reflections on Lal Masjid Issue

“Either you are with us , or against us” Many points of views that i have read and heard, most people weighed the whole Lal Masjid issue in the above mentioned statement.

If you are not with the Lal Masjid, then you are with the Government.If you are not with the Government, then you are with the Lal Masjid.But things are not always Black and White…

What The Lal Masjid Wanted To Do Was Noble

My previous posts about the lal masjid generated a lot of debate… all over again. I was criticized for not understanding other views…and that i didn’t gain anything from the previous discussions.

And i still stand by what I said… but some people misunderstood me. If i’m not with the Lal Masjid, then im with the government is probably what they thought. I Just want to correct some misunderstandings…

Firstly I am not against the implementation of Sharia? How can i be? Any good muslim with even a little eman dreams of the times of Hazrat Omar ra when shariat prevailed and there was justice and peace.

Am i against “Amr Bil Maroof Wa Yanhauna Anil Munka” i.e enjoin Good and forbid evil…

No im not, how can i be? it is a command of Allah on us in many places in the Quran. Dont i want brothels and obscene movies and evil stuff to be removed from society? Of course i do! No decent human being likes such stuff.

If you read my first post about this issue here, you will see that i said that their way of forbidding evil was wrong and not based on Sunnah.

Are the Lal Masjid people Muslims? Of Course they are, far better than most of us…i never said anything personal about them or call them Mushrik or Kafir or judge their eman…

Is their intention right? Yes they have a noble intention. Implemention of shariat and removal of evil from the society is what every good Muslim wants. They have the passion and determination to serve Islam, this is indeed noble and I never said that this wish of theirs is wrong…i never said anything against implemention of Shariat.

Then what is the fuss all about?

Where They Went Wrong?

It all boils down to the way they wanted to implement the sharia and the methodology they adapted to enforce it and their mannerism of stopping evil.

This is the thing that i disagreed with. Thats why i say everything is not black and white. Think Grey!

Kidnapping women, policemen, taking over public property and burning down buildings is not the way to stop evil. They wanted to stop evil and enforce shariat, which is good but their methodology of doing it was what i disagreed with.

Dr Israr Ahmed also Says in his Lecture on Issue of Lal Masjid:

“Agar app jain or bazaar mai ja ker video shops ko agg lagana shuru kerdain… Yeh Ghalat Hai…”

People said don’t blindly believe the news and the media. So the next point arises that did they actually commit these crimes or not. If they didn’t, then who did. If they didn’t commit these crimes and some one else did, then obviously my whole argument stands void and there is nothing to argue over!

But if they did do all these things, kidnap women and chinese women as well, take over government property – then just because they are good Muslims and their intention is good and their demands valid, i am not going to support them in something which goes against the teachings of Islam. So I repeat, their intentions were pure, demands were valid but methodology wrong.

The Right Methodology from The Sunnah

I gave my proofs from the Seerah of Rasool Allah.

For thirteen years, while the Prophet saw was in Makkah, he did not take his Sahaba and destroy the 360 idols. What can be a greater evil than idol worship… he should have just gone in and destroyed them? But he didn’t… he waited for 23 years and when he had the power, the authority, the soldiers, the weapons then he marched down to Makkah to re capture it and enforce the Islamic Sharia there.

There was some criticism about this example which i replied to here:

It may surprise you that Dr. Israr Ahmed also gave the same example. He says in his lecture:

“Nabi 12 Baras Makkah mai Rahay or Kabay ka Tawaf Kertay Rahay Jiss mai 360 buth rakhay thayy. App Nai kisee buthh ko tora? Nahi…Nahia nil munkar nahi ki…Yeh Koee bari baat nahi thee…raat ko 10 nojawan ja ker toor saktay thayy…baad mai jo hota daikha jata……”

Translation: Nabi saw stayed for 12 years in Makkah and He continued to do tawaf around the Kabah inside which were placed 360 idols. Did he destroy any idol? No. He did not implement “forbid the evil” . It was not a difficult thing to do. 10 young men could have destroyed the idols in the middle of the night. Whatever the consequences were… would have been tackled later…”

Why did he wait for so many years until he had the power and the authority to fight the tyrants of Makkah?If suppose Prophet Muhammad (saw) along with his few sahaba had destroyed the idols while they were in Makkah in the first 13 years… what would have happend?

We can understand this from the Story of Ibrahim (as) Ibrahim as was the only person in his entire area to believe in Tauheed. When he destroyed the idols and rejected polytheism and stopped people from idol worship… what happend? His own people threw him in the fire.

This is exactly what has happend to Lal Masjid people. What were they expecting? if you challenge the position and authority of the government, they wont send you flowers. They will send their troops for a battle to kill you. Please dont think im siding with the governemnt or agree with their actions. Im just talking about the reality…the consequences of their actions were inevitable…

So in the end Maulana Abdul Aziz was humiliated and arrested. Maulana Ghazi was martyred.

Prophet Ibrahim as was saved from the fire by Allah by a miracle. There was no miracle in store for Maulana Ghazi Shaheed.

So my point is that Prophet Muhammad saw waited to fight the tyrant government. He planned well, establish his authority and equip his army before he made the move to attack.

So it is stupidity to try to tackle a tyrant government without any proper planning, any proper methodology and any proper equipment and any control or authority.

Dr Israr Says…”

Jo Process hai ( to forbid evil) Huzoor (saw) sai, wahan sai laina hai jo kuch laina hai…Yeh jo apnay hath mai taqat lai laina hai baghair kisee hukoomat kai…bohat bari ghalti hai”


“The Process ( To forbid evil) has to be taken from Prophet Muhammad saw. Whatever we have to take, we have to take from there (i.e. the seerah) This process of taking authority in your own hands without having any government …is a huge mistake”

He further adds:

“Taqat kai sath mamla kerna mashroot hai taqat o iqtadar o ikhtiar kai sath…jab tuk app Hukumat Mai Nahi Atay, Hukoomat Ko Nahi Badaltay, Uss Waqt Tuk Apnay Hath mai Taqat Lai Kar Tu Yeh Keh Awaam Kai Ander Baddi Ka Intishaar Kernay Keh Liya Maidan Mai Ajana Quwat Kai Sathh Taqat Kai Sathh, Yeh Bohat Barii Ghalati Hai Bohat Bari Ghalati Hai Bohat Bari Ghalati Hai…”

I have translated it as:

” To use force ( in stopping evil by hand) is conditional on authority, power and control. Unless you are in the Government,Unless you change the government, until that time, to take authority into your own hands to stop the citizens from doing evil by jumping into the field with force and power is a HUGE MISTAKE , A HUGE MISTAKE , A HUGE MISTAKE”

The Right Method/Plan for establishing Sharia

Yes i was definitely wrong in one aspect when i said that when people become good, shariat will be established it self. Yes i was wrong in this and i admit openly i was wrong.

Dr Israr Ahmed has in detail given the blueprints of the proper and the correct plan to implement Shariat.

It is based on a number of points. Inshallah i will try to transcribe his points and translate them and put them on the blog.

I can summarize the process that the first step is to do Dawah – Yaqeen Wala Emaan paida kerna. Preach to the people and make them true believers. The second step is to organize the True Believers i.e. those who follow the shariat. You need to properly plan, unite, train and organize these individuals and then the revolution will start…

Since the government is Muslim but not practicing and without emaan and is tyrant, AFTER following all the steps of the revolution… which he explains in his lecture, he states that it will be jaiz and will not be haram to stage a “Musallah Baghawat” .it will be an Armed Rebellion against the governemnt once you have gathered enough strength,enough power, enough man power and when there is certainity that you do have the enough resources to over throw the government.

Audio Lecture By Dr Israr Ahmed on Lal Masjid Issue.

I heard the talk given by Dr. Israr Ahmed on the Lal Masjid issue on the 9th of July and that is where i have quoted from in this article by transcribing some of the parts…

He beautifully and wisely analyzed this entire issue. He has explained the verses of the Quran on forbidding evil and the hadith about stopping evil with your hands…

He stated that Lal Masjid’s intentions and demands were good and correct but their methodology wrong. Only one methodology will work and that is the one which is based on Sunnah and which does not go against the teaching of Quran and Sunnah.

So then how can the shariat be enforced? What are the steps of enforcing Sharia? How to bring about an Islamic Revolution… Listen to the Lecture By Dr. Israr Ahmed here.

I would say it is a MUST LISTEN TO LECTURE to erase our misconceptions, misunderstandings and so that we know the right from wrong and top of it all.. it is high time now that we all know the Right Way of Enforcing Sharia.. the Sunnah Way so we can unite under it. Inshallah.

May Allah Guide Us All.

May Allah forgive the Muslim Brothers and Sisters who died in this tragic episode and grant them a place in Paradise and list them as Shaheed. May Allah help us in removing this tyrant government and establishing His rule. Ameen.

Lal Masjid Operation: Real Audio Lecture By Dr. Israr Ahmed

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O Pakistanis…Stop Taunting

Assalamoaleikum my dear brothers in Islam,

Kindly stop taunting on the Lal Masjid people. I know that to all the rest of the Pakistanis who’re against the Lal Masjid people, this is a very FUNNY situation. The reality however, is different from what we see. This whole drama was staged in order to make fun of all those brothers and sisters who practice Islam to the fullest.

 Each one of us has a friend or a brother with a beard and raised shalwar or a sister that wears complete burqa like the girls from Jami’ah Hafsah. Even if those people were wrong, the concept behind exploiting them so much was to undermine and defame all those who practice Islam to the very core, not only to defame the Lal Masjid people.

Our fellow Pakistanis, like always, are simply laughing away this sad incident. Please remember that even if the Lal Masjid people were simply the victims of our Government’s nasty plans to defame Islam just to save its seats and get re-elected, the consequences of this incident shall be very grave because it is not the Lal Masjid people that you will be taunting, you will be taunting all those who follow the true Islamic dress-code, which was the dress-code of our Prophet Mohammad SaLLALAHu Alaiyhi wasallam and ummahaatul mo’mineen (mothers of mo’mineen) from Hazrat Khadija to Hazrat Ayesha RadiALLAHu an’hunna… and consequently, in the decades to come, people will fear practising Islam because they will be mocked as the Lal Masjid brigade and this and that…..

This will go on for as long as Pakistan lives… Pray that PAKISTAN survives this sad transition without further partition or ceasing to exist.

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