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We are on the verge of an Islamic Revival ~ Says Anwer Awlaki

2024 Revival of the Islamic Caliphate and the role of youth

Transcription of the lecture ‘State of the Ummah’ Part 1 by Umm e Aaminah

Dear brothers and sister, I am speaking to you from Yemen at the moment and there are some similarities between Yemen and Pakistan, so when speaking about one,it is like speaking about the other. Both countries have a strong popular attachment and affiliation with Islam, both claim to be democratic republics, both countries suffer from political instability and turmoil. Both countries are important US partners in the war on terror, both countries have lost their sovereignty to US by having drone strikes in their territory and have been used as supply stations for America’s war against Muslims and both countries are ruled by crooks. Infact all the way from Rabat to Kabul our landscape is littered by gangsters ruling over our passive population.

I believe that as Muslims we should advise each other sincerely and we should talk with honesty. Sugar coating is not going to do anyone any benefit. So if we want to change our situation, we really need to sit down and think about it and decide what the illness is, what the symptoms are and how to cure it. We need to get over the diseases of nationalism, tribalism, different ethnicities, and different languages that may lead to differences among us. When in reality they should be a reason for our strength as an Ummah.This variety that we have, the different backgrounds that we have, the different ethnicities that we have, the different languages that we speak, should be a source of strength for us and not a source of weakness. So I want to touch on some topics that might be perceived as sensitive by some but again as I said, I am saying this with sincerity and want it as an advice for myself and for my brothers and sisters.

This is the state of the Ummah today and we need to change it. And the change ALWAYS in history, depends on the YOUTH. When Allah zawjal talked about Ibraheem (Alayhissalam) when  he did a monumental event in his life which was the destruction of the idols. It says in Quran,

“We heard the young man speak about them, his name is  Ibraheem.”(Quran 21:61)

So he was young at that time. And the famous story of the youth of the cave. A whole Surah is named after them (Surah 18: Al-Kahaf) Surah of the Cave. They were youth. Rasool Allah (sallalahu alyhe wasalam) his followers were also youth. So it is youth who always in history, bear the burden of change.

Now to understand your role and your potential in bringing change, you need to first realize who you are and where you are.

Brothers and sisters, we are on the verge of an Islamic Revival. And there’s an evidence for this. I am not speaking out of my good hope and good expectations for the Ummah, but there’s evidence for this.

Rasool Allah (s) says in a hadith that is authentic,

Every century, every one hundred years,Allah would send someone or some people who would revive the religion again

If we go back and see when the Islamic Khilafah officially fell down, its in the year 1924. Thats when the last Islamic Khilafah ended, the Ottoman Khilafah.  Since then, we have not had a khilafah, but we have borrowed the .., actually we didn’t borrow it, it was forced upon us, the western concept of nation state. Since then. As Muslims we have been living in such .. a political environment.

If we take this hadith of Rasool Allah to mean that Allah will revive for us, the aspects of our religion that need revival, one of the most important, one of them is governance and Rasul Allah says,

[Translation]The rituals of Islam or the aspects of Islam will fall down one after the other, the first one would be governance and the last one would be Salah.

So if we take the hadith to mean that Allah will revive for us the aspects our religion that need revival, one of them as I mentioned is  governance. So since we have been missing Islamic governance, since 1924, we hope and we expect that one hundred years since that date, will not pass, until Allah will bring back Islamic rule for us in the form of a Khilafah. And that would mean that before the year 2024 BeiznilAllah , obviously no one knows the unseen but Allah, but we can derive the meaning from this hadith that Allah will not leave us for more than a hundred years without Islamic rule. So we are on the verge of an Islamic Revival. A revival not limited to the intellectual realm but a revival in governance , Jihad fe sabeelillah and every area that needs to be revived….

to be cont.

Listen to the full audio Lecture ‘State of the Ummah’ here:

Download the full transcript of this lecture from here. JazakAllahu Khairan Katheeran to whoever did this transcription.

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Medinan Period Transcription Cd 1 – 5

Alhamdulilah, my friend Maria has successfully transcribed the Medinan Period of Imam Anwar Awlaki’s “Life of Prophet Muhammad saw”.

Transcription of CD 1 – 5 is available for download below. Rest of the cds will also be made available soon. Please feel free to report mistakes and corrections.

JazakAllahu Khair.

Medinan Period CD 1-5 Transcription by Maria

UPDATE: Alhamdulilah, download the entire series here:

Makkan Period Complete

The Madeenan Period Complete


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God’s Warriors : Battle Cry against the pop culture

 The Global Pop culture is eating up the youth in each and every country around the globe.It is taking over the moral values and the cultures of those countries.As Imam Anwar Awlaki describes it in “Life of Muhammad saw – The Meccan Period  CD 1

“There is a global culture that is being forced down the throats of everyone on the face of the earth. This global culture is protected and promoted…we are not really dealing with a global culture that is benign or compassionate. This is a culture that gives you no choice… It is a very intolerant culture, that can not co exist with anything else. It uproots every other culture on the face of the earth. Just cuts the roots of it. And you have a quote here by Alexander Sofzen. He is a famous Russian Historian writer. He says To destroy a people, you must sever their roots. So its really a destruction of the people of the earth because every other culture is being demolished. So this is not a global culture that will co exist with others, it will replace others.”

This pop culture has attacked the roots of the human moral system promoting vulgar dressing, encouraging free open  lifestyle, popularizing pornography, music, drinking etc…

Muslims are usually called extremists, fundamentalists, terrorists, conservative and intolerant  if they stand up against this culture and refuse to adapt it as it goes against the commandments of Allah (God) , Quran and the Sunnah.

I had a chance to see  the third part of a documentary called God’s Warriors on CNN.I was quite surprised and happy to see  that there are sane Americans out there who also have rejected this culture calling it immoral and have stood up to speak against it. What was even more surprising is that majority of these “warriors” were youngsters and teenagers…

Following is a brief Introduction to the documentary with a brief intro to the “Battle Cry Campaign” followed by a small clip from this documentary.  A Must Watch!

God’s Warriors was a three-part CNN documentary produced by Christiane Amanpour in which she compares the rise of religious fundamentalism as a political force in the world. The documentary was filmed in the United States, Europe and Middle East. It focuses on the three major monotheistic religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The three chapters were titled God’s Jewish Warriors, God’s Muslim Warriors, and God’s Christian Warriors. The first describes the Jewish settlement movement in Israel and the fund-raising in the United States that supports it, while the second presents issues of radical Islam and Sharia law. The final segment focused on the United States and the political influence of Christian religious leaders. ( Source Wikipedia)

 The following Video Clip from God’s Christian Warriors take you to a BattleCry Campaign.

The Battle Cry Campaign is an organizing initiative of a parachurch organization known as Teen Mania Ministries. This initiative, started in 2005 and headed by Teen Mania founder Ron Luce, has an evangelical Christian orientation.

The Campaign maintains that “for the first time ever,” “sexualized culture,” “point and click pornography,” and young people being “saturated with media influence” spell doom for Christianity in America.

“A stealthy enemy has infiltrated our country and is preying upon the hearts and minds of 33 million American teens. Corporations, media conglomerates and purveyors of popular culture have spent billions to seduce and enslave our youth.”

This is what these Christians are saying! Shame on us Muslims – Shame on our youth! We are blindly following the Western Culture! We are busy in parties, clubbing, music and movies! We are busy watching MTV  or trying to be on MTV… we are just too busy trying to copy their dresses, way of walking talking speaking and even sleeping!

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Transcribed “Life of Muhammad saw” by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

Life of Muhammad saw by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki is THE BEST seerah lecture in English. He has beautifully and most eloquently narrated the life of Muhammad saw. This series is in two parts, The Makkan Period in 16 cds and the Medinan Period in 18 cds.

Imam Anwar Awlaki starts from scratch explaining the meaning of the word seerah and then he goes onto explain the importance of studying seerah in 9 points. The best thing about this series is that he has narrated hadiths from Bukhari, Muslim etc…

As he narrates, he clears up many misconceptions about Muhammad saw in the minds of non muslims and many muslims as well. Like why he married young Aisha ra, why he married Zainub ra and why he fought the jews of Medina.

THis is definintely a MUST LISTEN to series BY ALL, whether muslim or non muslim.

I felt the need to have this series in written form as well, for easy reference and to find exactly what you are looking for the in lecture. So I have started to transcribe his lecture This is an extremely slow process but Inshallah i plan to complete all the cds. I have just finished transcribing the first cd of the Makkan period and wanted to share it with the world. I dont know if such work has already been done or not, but transcribing greatly helped me remember the details….

I will Inshallah post on the blog best parts of the chapters but if you want you can download the whole chapter here: Chapter 1 Life of Muhammad saw by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

Please feel free to point out errors and mistakes.


By the grace of Allah, my friend Maria has completed the whole series. Download Transcribed Life of Muhammad – The Makkan Period here LifeOfMuhammadMakkanPeriodComplete

Madinan Period is also complete.

The Madeenan PeriodComplete