GreAt websites

Best WebSites from around the Globe…


Islam Cracks the Da Vinci Code

Islam Way

Islamic Web

Islam Web

Islam QA

Islam Online

Islamic Library – Online Books

Muslim Heritage – Great website on Muslim Scholars and Scientists

Alhuda Pakistan

Yusuf Estes’ Islam Tomorrow

Moududi- Great Scholar of our time

Audio Quran – Online Recitation and Lectures

Muslim Texts – Quran Translation, Hadiths Books in English


8 thoughts on “GreAt websites

  1. Deen aur Duniya saath saath le kar chalne waley, na-kaam, chal diye.

    Deen le kar chalne waley bano Duniya zameen chaat-tay huey tumhare peechhe aayegi. Yaqeen tum ko magar naheen aata. Deen mein hi Duniya he, miyaan. Woh Deen hi kya jis mein Duniya na ho. Alhamd o lillah hamara Deen, Islam, waahid mukammal deen he.

  2. Asslam O Aliecom
    Sister Javaria I would like you to add following website to your blog.

    Huma Najamul Hasan – Scholar

    Dr.Farhat Hashmi

    Dr.Israr Ahmed


    Jamat e Islami Women Wing

    Jamat e Islami

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