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Assalamu Alaykum,

I started this blog in 2005  while  I was a student in Leeds, UK  to vent my feelings after the 7/7 bomb attack in London. Blogging quickly turned into passion and  when I started my Quran course and began understanding the words of my Creator, it quickly turned into my weapon of Jihad bil Qalam ( Struggle through the pen) and I passionately started  blogging  about the ills facing the Muslim ummah and portraying the correct image of original Islam as was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon him.

I have three children now MashaAllah and thus not able to blog frequently. However, I would still like to share whatever meaningful stuff I do, along with my other interests and passions such as Amateur Astronomy, Parenting, Homeschooling, Islamic Knowledge and other random things that interest me!

September, 2018


82 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Salam!
    First time around your blog, I’m glad I came here. I love these home schooling ideas and I’m looking forward to read more 🙂
    Peace from another place in Pakistan 🙂

  2. P.s. i would really like a homeschool co-op where religion and values are supremely important for our kids but would like it to have no discussions on the beliefs of different sects and muslim scholars if poss cos religion is way too politicised in pakistan n islamabad in particular. I would prefer mums n kids to discuss the religion of the heart and spirit and how it effects our practical lives and the greater good of those around us rather than abstract pedantism or semantics linked to the philosophy of any particular sect. Jazakumullah

  3. I totally agree that schools kill creativity. Specially after availability of information on fingertips, its better to get the kids to know the basics & then teach them at home. If i could only get enough time from my official work, I would like to educate my children myself.
    I once asked my daughters’ principal, who is a PhD & principal for last 17 yrs, if there she could guide us why we should get our daughter into Cambridge or Matric system; i.e, if there was some better comprehension, grooming and releif from rattafication in Cambridge system. She responded, 1, everybody makes ratta, even Obama as a President(I pity her understanding of hig profile leaders), then she said tat my daughters were scoring good positions, they could get many A’s and subsequently get Fullbright scholarship and go to US for higher studies, which I told was not in my game plan fr my kids. Result was that I stopped even consulting her next time. I was perturbed as there were very good compositions in the syllabus of kids’ classes, but teachers could not describe the essence of it, e.g, if Tipu Sultan was a man of courage in wars, his character triats given in the book should be explained in a way that he was able to achieve these gains, due to his moral values & great character traits. It is said that “a man of character in peace is a man of courage in war” , and it is dispalyed in every conflict or war like situation.
    Now it is this rattafication that trnsforms into the mob like mentality, when a child grows up, e.g, people forget to analyse the events. A person tried & tested for a public office, gets votes to the similar office, just because he had brain-washed the people in th erecent past, so they forget to analyse his competency & capability related to his distant past.
    I wish I could home-school my kids, but now my elder has just appeared in Matric, so probably it is too late.
    Kindly also check Abu Yahya’s website ‘inzaar.com’ and especially his best seller book ‘jab zindagi shuru ho gi’, and try to spread the word. It is purely from Quran & Hadith and a must read for the entire family.
    May Allah guide us all to be completely part of practicing Islamic community, as in Surah Baqarah Ayat 85 reads, “you believe in Allah’s Book partially & deny partially, such people will face punishment in this life as well as in hereafter”. Alas, we’ve started adopting just this much religion that suites us.

  4. For past year and half, so many times I have been visited this belog …. I found some very good articles here, but sad to see one thing there is no any update I means new things from admin so far … I was thinking that em the only astronomy lover exist in Pk but very pleased to see em not alone here,,,,hope to see some updates and articles soon

  5. Assalam-o-alaikum sister. Just today I happened to find your blog and found that your blog also got some astronomy there. I am an amateur astronomer from Hyderabad, I am 18 years old and I am a university student. I like your blog very much. Kindly check out my blog too http://astronomerbilal.wordpress.com may you like it.

    Keep blogging, its a great blog. Must continue.

  6. Dear Sister Assalaam Alaykum,

    I am Ruhina from Pakistan.

    I was searching something about Islam and some other articles then came across your site.

    Very nice articles.

    I want to know more details on salafism or salafi is this a new sect in Islam?

    Khuda Hafiz

  7. Assalamualaikum,
    I just came across your blog and I find it very enlightening. Thank you for sharing, and If you don’t mind, I’ve posted a link to your blog on my facebook. If you have any objections to that please send me an email and i’ll remove it immediately.

    I’m from Malaysia, which likes to call itself a Muslim country but there are so much maksiat and deviations of aqeedah that I’m afraid that we’re only a ‘Muslim country’ by name. Most of the Muslims here are muslims by birth, and therefore do not understand or try to seek the depth of Islam as the reverts tend to do. I’m afraid I may be one of them.

    Please keep updating this blog with more Islamic articles so that Islam can reach more people like me.

    May Allah bless you and your efforts.

  8. I like the Eid-Card you posted on your blog and I like the web sites, and your believes about Islam, I’m also Muslim and Fan of Dr. Farhat Hashmi, Dr. Zakir, Dr. Israr and all those who follow Islam in its original format away from fabrication and innovations. May Allah guide us all to His true Deen.

  9. AA Sister,

    MashaAllah your daughter is like a Doll and also same like you. I want to share one good islamic url http://islamic-collection.blogspot.com/search/label/Qasas-ul-Ambiya%20Video.

    It seems you have good understanding about Deen e Islam. So lets ask one question with you.

    My question is do you think every action has reaction. So if muslim do any action(positive/negative) he/she ll get same reaction. Why we keep every thing on Allah. We always say this is our destiny thats why this thing happened. Why?

    Why we don’t think islam is the Best set of rules for Muslims to choose best possible actions in his/her life to get best reactions.

    Are you agree with me or DR Farhat Hashmi followers has different opinions. Well we are IT Professionals and getting education of Deen islam with Sheikh in North America.


  10. javeria pls provide me ur email address…..I am a Quran teacher…..I have some queries..i thk that u can help me ….

  11. bismillah rahman rahim
    salam alikoom
    my name is Karim I am 26
    I live in northern France I often read your blog
    I really like Pakistan I would like to meet some pakitani brothers or sisters that live in Karachi
    I am going to visit Karachi in June I want to study Islam in kARACHI that is why I want to have some informations
    IT IS the first time I am gonna go outside Europe
    don t hesitate to give me informations
    baraka allah fikoum
    and as we say in French à plus

  12. Masha’Allah! A great website of a great sis!
    Just landed here searching for something (that happened to have been posted by the other HQ on ur website :)) but got impressed, and lady I must salute your effort before leaving the site!

    Its good to see Muslim youth utilizing their efforts in playing POSITIVE roles, rather than the more fashionable use of time to promote vulgarity and heedlessness…

    Keep up the GREAT work sis! May Allah be with you!

  13. Assalam o alaaikum aapa
    you are really doing a great job.i found ur blog quite impressive and enlightening.i solved most of my queries after reading the matter on ur blog.
    GREAT JOB ‘keep it up’
    allah hafiz

  14. Assalam o alaaikum sister

    mashallah mashallah still we have some highly educated and islamic cultured women here in our society. i dont know how i came by your blog but yeah this is really impressive.

    may ALLAH give ya jaza. ameen

  15. Great blog! congrats to you. Been looking for my lost friend named Javeria but unfortunately you are not the one.
    Hopefelly you’ll become my friend soon. I’m cent per cent in favor of hijab, I’ve also done MSc(Computing) form UK and married to a Psychiatrist. I’m utilising my time and imparting knowledge to a trust-based school in Karachi free of charge.

  16. Hi

    i may be mistaken. in the Arabic language there is a word jawhariya, and it means a pearl or gem. and the name you refer to is a derivitive of this meaning


  17. as salam ale kum ,adaab,marhaba….

    Accidently i came across this blog and was quite surprised too see many things that are not just of trivial importance but indeed of great concern……
    your work is quite inspiring, i am quite impressed and offcourse encouraged too ….definitely u have proved that u r a women of substance …
    i would be quite overwhelmed if i can get ur email id …inorder to stay in touch with u …..


  18. Assalamoalaikum sis.

    MashAllah nice blog you have got there 🙂

    I was wondering sis if there is any possible way of contacting Ustazah Farhat personally? I mean through her email address or something? Will appreciate your reply.

  19. I shall alsoadd ur blog on my site, Insha’Allah.

    I am currently waiting for my Second Year Fsc. exams. Insha’Allah I will join Dr. saab’s Tanzeem after them. Insha’Allah.

  20. Respected sister,

    It was a heartwarming pleasure to read through your articles and expression of opinions. I am especially happy and glad that you too are an admirer of Dr. Israr Ahmed. I am probably one of his BIGGEST admirers. I have watched all of his programs (Alhamdulillah) and listen to his sermons online and also download them whenever I have the time. Infact, I have a “DR. ISRAR KHUTBA & ARTICLE ARCHIVE” folder in my computer.

    Plz watch his programs on Peace Tv from Mon-Sat at 4 p.m. Pakistan (repeats @ 10 p.m.). Democracy, a Greek idealised way of life, is not for us. Khilafat is the way of life, the way of Muhammad (SAW), the true “Niyabat-e-Ilahi”, like Allama Iqbal said.

    Plz add my blog to your site and plz do visit it also. I shall be grateful for your comments sister. I have translated some of D.r Israr’s Urdu articles to English on my blog. I hope you read them, Insha’Allah.

    Jazak Allah Khair sister


  21. Madame,
    Assalamu alaikum
    I am Abdul gafur ameteur astronomer from kerala, India and had some studies in to the history of islamic astronomy. find my url . Thanking you.
    Jazakum Allahu khairan wassalam

  22. Wow! I really like your blog. Mashallah its really nice! I have read many of your posts and i really think that my viewpoints of different matters are similar to yours. I found it while searching some “truth” of the issue of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. I really am satisfied with your and dr.Israr’s points. Thanks for guiding! I’ll be visiting your blog frequently from now on!

  23. I wish that my daughter would have all the good qualities that you posses. May ALLAH bless all our daughters and sisters, guard them from evil deeds and evil acts.



  24. I was looking for some Sunnah Dua’s in Google, and found this site.
    Very good site. then searched for the publisher so i’m here.

    very nice and good articles.

  25. MashAllah and may Allah bless you and enable you to serve the cause of HIs Dheen at your best. We need educated, sincere and dedicated people for Dawah work such as Dr. Farhat Hashmi and her team and trained people. I am so glad to see such a great impact of this great work. May Allah protect this from hasedeen and munafeqeen!

  26. Lastly, the real/actual difference between ahl-e-hadith (wahabi/salafi) and other methodologies, like bralwis/extreme sufis, is of AQEEDA and not fiqh. So, sister Adeeba and everyone else including myself should focus on aqeeda (if haven’t already). There was a post on this blog about Kitab al-Tawheed…you should read that book before getting into fiqh and thinking ahl-e-hadith is due to just fiqhi issues.

    I hope all this doesn’t sound off topic, and it is appropriate to write this here. I wrote this as a precautionary thing because of what I read from sister Adeeba about ahl-e-hadith, which is a common misconception and pitfall for laypeople like us. Of course, I might be wrong so please correct me where I’ve made a mistake.

  27. Salamalikum,

    I read sister Adeeba’s response about who ahl-e-hadith are and then Adeel’s response to, and I feel like I’ve to say something so people are not confused.

    Both you are somewhat correct. Fiqh is dervied from Quran, Sunnah (hadith), ‘ijma, qiyas…in that order. So, sister Adeeba, to say that ahl-e-hadith perform their deeds “in the light” of ahadith is a partial truth. Everyone first looks up a matter in the book of Allah, if not found, then in Rasoolullah (saw) sayings and so on and so forth. What you probably meant is that ahl-e-hadith take more of a literal interpretation of ahadith than like the Hanafi fiqh, for example. Also, you probably meant that ahl-e-hadith scholars and formal students of knowledge don’t do extreme taqleed of any one imam, and that’s why you’re saying they don’t “follow” an Imam. However, this doesn’t mean the basic usul al-fiqh (i.e. starting from Quran and ending on qiyas) is not done by one or the other.

    Fiqh matters are deep and what we as laypeople should do is to have an open mind that it’s possible that an opinion we follow might be weak and if someone tells us as such and our hearts are sincerely inclined toward that new opinion (not out of desires) then we can follow a different opinion because unless you formally read fiqh books it doesn’t really make sense to say that I’m a Hanafi or a Shafi. On the other hand, and many ahl-e-hadith laypeople fall into this, laypersons don’t have the ability to declare final opinions on any matter (make ijtihad) and they should follow an imam they trust will give a ruling based on Quran and Sunnah without being extremely biased to his madhab (Hanafi, Hanbali, etc.). Also, we should have the maturity to know that there might be valid differences of opinion in fiqh so if we see somebody doing (like praying for example) differently we shouldn’t think bad about them or try to change them unless we are sure they are doing something that is wrong or following a much weaker opinion. Even then, you can only guide them to a scholar rather than forcing somebody onto your view. In other words, it all depends on one’s heart. If you truly believe that the opinion in your madhab is the strongest (assuming someone has objected to this opinion that you adhere to) or on some matter there are more than one valid opinions then you keep doing what you do; otherwise, you should change. And, of course the scholars should be unbiased towards everything except the Quran and ahadith.

  28. hey,i just wanted to tell you all javeria’s out there,that i have heard another meaning for javeria which is”JEWELS” now that’s a pretty amazing meaning but i’m not sure wether it’s the correct meaning or not..so someone plz clearify me on this.

  29. Adeeba – They are Ihl-Hadith, who perform all their deeds in the light of Hadith.

    Me – Like Ahle-Hadiths none of the fiqh deny ahadiths. Fiqh is based on or made of Quran and Ahadiths on its core. It requires a detail honest study. Just to mention, none of the Imam-e-Ka’aba denied any of the Fiqh and declared I would do my things in the light of Hadith without following any Fiqh. Because everyone of them knew that the Fiqh is nothing but Quran and Ahadiths and following Ahadith arbitrarily lead the one to personal preferences, since some of the ahadiths contradict each other.

  30. Sister Adeeba,
    I am finding it extremely difficult to explain this thing.

    – Wahabi surely comes from Abdul Wahab. The main reason of it is, Abdul Wahab is considered Mujadid-e-Islam. He revived the Islam in its true form when there were a need of it in a real sense.

    – Ahle-Hadith sect is a bit astray. Because they take ahadith from all authentic Books, like Bukhari and all, but don’t consider any particular school of thoughts. They don’t consider Hanafi, Maaliki, Sha’afi, Hanbbli fiqhs. On the contrary they take these Fiqhs as sects, which is not true. And if you dig a bit more then you will find out that Imam Bukhari was a Sha’afi scholar, means he was a the follower of Sha’afi school of thought.

    – Yes in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, people used to call Ahle-Hadith as Wahabi. The sole reason of it is they are almost similar to the teaching of Abdul Wahab. Again Abdul Wahab was a Hanbbali scholar and Ahle-Hadith don’t consider any Imam, as you already know. So, Ahle-Hadith are not wahabis, actually.

    – Internationally the term Wahabi is famous for Saudi Muslims, which are mostly following Hanbbali school of thoughts and Abdul Wahab was the latest Mujaddid-e-Islam considered.

  31. Brother Adeel,
    You have said that wahabi are followers of Abdul Wahab. As far as my little knowledge is concerned, wahabi’s are not followers of any one. They are Ihl-Hadith, who perform all their deeds in the light of Hadith. I mean not followers of any imam

  32. Hussein,
    You said everything too vague. You made it extremely difficult to respond. You didn’t tell WHY of any of your opinions. WHATs in particular is also lacking.

    The best and the right method of making advise, especially when its about refraining from something, is to provide with some alternatives. Did you get, what I mean? I mean you should suggest then – if not THIS then WHAT?

    Blackmailing, in what sense? We are not at all sure, which page are you on? Please go ahead tell us the truth you think is truth. We are not like politicians. Should you hesitate? you should definitely not.


  33. Assalam, o Alaikum
    i appreciate your sharing the story of your “personal emancipation” through religion. One view could be that while being exposed to westernised way of life your defensive mechanism had forced you to go to the other extreme. Any ways, congratulations on finding the true path.
    While you may be religiously and politically correct, it does not give you the authority to pervade other peoples thinking from your ‘high moral’ ground. You are the regimented product of Al Huda school of thought that can cause serious religious and security dilemmas for the “ordinary” muslims – Al huda centres and the like could be other Jamia Hafsas in waiting.
    What Maam Farhat Hashmi and Co do is religious and moral blackmail in the good name of religion.
    Remember, our religious and moral teachers are our parents, very pious and GOD fearing, I am sure yours would be too. In presence of a well structured family and social system, we dont need religious teachers like Maam Farhat and co who have their own commercial as well as popular interests in determining our way of life and teaching what they think is the way of Quran and Sunnah. There is no need for 20+ al Huda centres. Yes she could work out a few charity based organisations for the orphans.

    The answer to Dr Shahid Masoods article (who are they where …..) is that his area of concern is hardly 1% of the female polpulation of the country or Islamabad. The rest of the 99% neither wear tight fitting jeans nor do they wear full burqas and wield batons. If you want to serve Pakistan and Islam, talk about the mainstream and not the fringe elements. The mainstream is God fearing, very traditional and conservative in outlook. However, this segment of the society is progressive and seeks a better (modern) future and there is no clash between Islam and modernity.
    The fringe elements of the society are either apocalyptic, premodern or post modern.
    There is a lot of people who live in the great divide between the Jamia Hafsa and Lux style awards.
    As far as the whereabouts of the girls is concerned, they have gone back to their homes and are vying for admissions in other madaris, barring a few who unfortunately died in the operation. They had ample time and choice to leave the Jamia.
    Wama Alaina illal Balahg (Please read translation)

  34. Walaykum Salam..

    Thanks.. can you guess where the picture is taken? and where its taken from 🙂

    why don’t you do some poetry and send me too!

  35. @Asim Mahmood

    Asalam o alekum,

    I dont exactly know the views of Dr.Farhat Hashmi on the Lal Masjid Issue. She is currently in Canada busy with teaching her Advance Course.

    I know some her students and their views are also like Dr.Israr Ahmed. For instance one of them said that there is no compulsion in religion, so it is not correct to force especially on non muslims women to wear the burqa… which happend with the chinese ladies…

    To know Dr. Farhats opinion exactly.. you might have to wait..
    But you can listen to a general lecture by Dr.Farhat on “Burai Ko Rokoo” it is quite an old lecture but i think will help in understanding the “Amr Bil Maroof wayanhauna anil munkar”

    Its an explanation of the verse of the Quran. and you can listen to her tafsir of similar verses as well. Inshallah will help.

    Her new website is not officially launched but you can listen to her Lectures here:


    Burai Ko Roko Lecture:


  36. alhumdulillah i ws desperately searching 4 scholars view about lal masjid.hapy 2 listen 2 doc israr wich is made posble by u jizakalah.can u help me knowing views of doc.zakir and doc.farhat hashmi on lal masjid.

  37. im also jawaria..ur site is gr8..gr8 work..mam i really wana b a true hijab taking girl bt i dnt kno why ppl around myself r soo against it..bt 2 b very frank evri time fashion nd bla bla conquers me..altho im nt ultra mod or so bt i luv wearing stylish shalwar kameez n thts it…bt i dnt wear half sleeves cz i dnt like xposing myself..i also try 2 offer all prayers n somenafli ibadat…bt i assure u one day in near future il b a hijab taking girl…
    very gud site..m really impressed.
    best wishes

  38. asa
    i like the new picture u’ve posted n m looking fwd to the banner–i hope i m not being too pushy… 🙂

  39. Assalmualaikum.

    H.Q. – Am i being too hard on this one?

    No. U r not being hard u r just missing the point. Airevaj is the reflection of javeria.Spread happiness it comes back to you.

    tHinK POsiTiVe!!!!


  40. Your new theme introduced formatting issues. It is leaving a full length empty space in case of a short post, as you can see, and the comments are way down at the bottom. Furthermore, there is no clue at the top that we have few comments at the bottom of the page.

  41. AoA all,

    Sorry for such a delayed response…

    @H.Q – there is no particular reason for naming the blog airevaj.. no nothing to do with uniqueness..it just sounds nice.
    couldnt think of any other name to keep coz my blog has no particular theme… i write on different things if u have noticed..yeah more recently its been on Islam, but i writ on other stuff too.

    dont understand the logiv how the meaning can be inverted of the word is inverted.

    One good example is: Time != emit

    thanks.. i dint know what it meant, seems like lots n lots of javeriass are online!

  42. Bro Adeel, you’re taking it in the object oriented context……. neither is it a case of LIFO or FIFO 😉 anyways, ev1 has their own way of thinking…. um waitin for the “victim” to respond to this one. 😉



  43. H.Q. – Am i being too hard on this one?

    Me – May be. I would interpret it something like,
    JAVERIA = “Spreading happiness, first one first”
    AIREVAJ = “Spreading happiness, but last one first”


  44. Nice to see Birds of a feather, flockING together! 😉

    Jav, I’ve always had reservations against you spelling your name the other way round but i thought it wasn’t worth mentioning… but since you’ve quoted the meaning of the name, which i previously did not happen to know, think of the meanings of the name if they were the other way round, it would be something like “taking away happiness”, or worse still, it would be “spreading sorrow!”…. Am i being too hard on this one? ok… suit urself… your blog, your ways, your thoughts :-p.

    But in the recent past, i’ve seen several young people doing this to their names. Mind relating a reasoning to this one? or is it a “just 4 uniqueness” kinda story?



  45. Asalaam-o-Alaikum,

    I am javeria too that makes us a community by ourselves! Well the name in arabic means “one who spreads happiness”. It is the name given by the Holy Prophet (SAS) to his wife. She was a princess of a christian tribe before she married the Holy Prophet(SAS). She was so loved by her people that the moment she converted to Islam, her entire tribe converted to Islam as well.

    Yours is an interesting blog. Insha Allah I will check it regularly. God BLeSs yOu!


  46. Asalaam-o-Alaikum,

    I’m a Jawerya too (used to call myself ayrewaj aswell)… and yes it is a name of a pious Sahabia who converted to Islam and later became the Prophet’s (PBUH) wife.

    I’ve spent my entire life from birth till now here in Africa Stumbled across your blog today and am really impressed by it, Inshallah will check it regularly.



  47. Great blog Javeria,
    Mind having a look at my blog and considering it for your blogroll?

    May Allah bless you with what is best in the Hereafter and in this world!

  48. Well i dont know the meaning of the name. All i know is its historical significance.

    It was the name of the wife of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Before he married her she was not a Muslim and had a differnt name. It was Prophet Muhammad (saw) who named her Javeria himself. Thats quite an honor.

    The name has been spelled in differnt ways.. like Jawaria, Jawariya.. Javeria, Jaweria etc etc…

    1. i named my daughter with this very beautiful name she is 12 and often got upset because her sisters name are eikrah and rukeyah but by reading this blog she has come understand that she has a very beautiful and honured name she is a little princess and is a joy round our house may ALLAH SWT guide her in the right path ameen

  49. Hey just wondering (I know it sounds totally out of the blue) but considering my name is more or less the same as yours- only with a different spelling, what exactly does this name mean apart from its historical significance?

  50. Very beautiful, well worked, and comprehensive website. Being an amateur astronomer myself, I especially appreciate your interest in astronomy.
    Ms Javeria, I had been trying to contact you for quite sometime, but couldn’t make it. I have to ask a few questions regarding your Skywatcher Telescope. The reason being that I want to widen the activities of my astronomical society after I go back to Pakistan. Right now I am residing in Manchester. Our society uses home built scopes but for sake of comparison, we need a professional telescope, and I intend to buy one from UK, a good one, may be 8″ or 10″ aperture dia. I think you are the right person to guide me regarding buying a scope from UK, as I have little knowledge about it. If you feel it okay, help me with my queries please. My email address is [removed] Looking forward to hear from you.
    Dr. Muhammad Akbar Hussain

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