27th August – 2 Moon Hoax

Why is it that when some information falls into hands of Muslims it gets twisted and turned and mixed and exaggerated and then propagated as facts without any basis or truth or verification..

The 2 Moon phenomenon which is suppose to happen tomorrow night, which i exposed here – that it was nothing but a huge misunderstanding and twisting of facts has taken a new turn as it was fwed from Muslim to Muslims and i was recently asked to verify the following event.

The last sign of Qayamat (Day of Judegement) is that there will be two moons in the sky and BBC has predicted that on 27th Aug,07 there will be two moons in the sky and this is time when Imam Mehdi will arrive. It is in the Quran that after this last sign, the repentance will not be accepted.

Sadly great “Lies” have been attributed to Allah. The last sign of Qayamat is NOT 2 Moons. There never is any such sign. This “sign” has just recently been concocted to sensationalize the event which will never happen.. just to scare people.The real last sign of the Day of Judegement is that Sun will rise from west on Earth, which, believe it or has another hoax attached to it.

It seems that this 2 Moon hoax got mixed up with this last sign of qayamat hoax which i wrote about here which said that sun will rise from west on mars and therefore sun will rise from west on earth too. So people twisted the phenomenon of retrograde to prove this hadith.

It is shameful that we muslims twist FACTS of Science to prove something..

This also sadly shows the ignorance of Muslims that what ever is propagated is readily accepted by them as facts and as their religion and then propagated futher! How pathetic and how shameful.

The ignorant Muslims are applying the same strategy to their Ibadaat and blindly following each other, without any verification or own research. Some good examples of this is the celebration of Milad un Nabi, celebration of ShabeBaraat, celebration of ShabeMairaj etc. All these are bidaat and have no authenticiy.. just like this Moon Hoax.

We should all make dua to Allah to show us the Truth as Truth. This one of my favourite duas..

Dua 1 for seeing truth


Myth : On 27th of August this year there will be two Moons in the sky at night.

Fact: This is NOT TRUE.

The Myth seems to have generated due to a HUGE misunderstanding about an astronomical event that occurred in 2003. Planet Mars came very close to Earth and was visible with the naked eye as a bright star and in the telescope when magnified looked as big as the Moon. As reported in Sky and Telescope:

August 27th” is actually August 27, 2003. Mars did make a historically close pass by Earth at that time, and when magnified 75 times in a telescope, it looked (IN THE TELESCOPE) the size the Moon looks to the unaided eye.”

Some people obviously misunderstood this and thought that Mars will be as big as the moon and thus there will be two moons in the sky! Mars no matter how close it comes to Earth can NEVER EVER appear like the moon. Since the year 2003 the emails and smses have been circulation to view the historical astronomical event of two moons in the sky!

So Please make it very clear that there will NOT be two moons in the sky on 27th August this year or any other year. Mars does pass very close to Earth in thousands of years but no matter what, it can never be as big as the Moon in the sky!

Myth:The last sign of Qayamat (Day of Judegement) is that there will be two moons in the sky and BBC has predicted that on 27th Aug,07 there will be two moons in the sky and this is time when Imam Mehdi will arrive. It is in the Quran that after this last sign, the repentance will not be accepted.


The last sign of Qayamat (Day of Judgement) is NOT 2 Moons. There never is any such sign. No 2 Moon sign has been mentioned in the Quran or the hadith.

As I mentioned in the previous point, the Two Moon myth came into existence in the year 2003 due to a huge misunderstanding regarding a historical close pass of Mars from Earth.

The real last sign of the Day of Judegement is that Sun will rise from west on Earth which is mentioned in the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saw)

I hope this clears up the huge confusion regarding the Two Moons on 27th August. Please stop forwarding this hoax if you receive it in your email or sms. It is a sin to spread news and rumors  without verifying it first!  Start spreading the truth about the hoax now.


45 thoughts on “27th August – 2 Moon Hoax

  1. it is really nice of you to put this dua up… and i also pray and hope that all muslims including me start following islam as it is and not make amendments according to our own convenience.

  2. Who ever said that 2 moons is the sign of the end of the world? Such misconception and lies. Are they even muslims? Do muslims who read that even know what they are reading?
    It is such common knowledge that the greatest sign is the sun will rise from the west.

    Seriously, didn’t think that people would actually believe such confused people in this confused society.

  3. i heard such things before as well but instead of spreading false alarms people should propagate positive things and views.

  4. Assalam o alaikum, Brother,

    Its really nice to see you exposing the hoax , may you be rewarded for that inhere and in the Aakkirah.

    However, Please elaborate the statement when you say “The ignorant Muslims are applying the same strategy to their Ibadaat and blindly following each other, without any verification or OWN research” The word own is a very dangerous word….. (This is no sarcasm but a humble advise)

    Aameen to your Dua…

  5. Good, But celebrating of milad un nabi is not a baadat.
    one should be happy that god has given us a prophet who
    is the best of all prophets. Human being will be happy when a
    child is born in they home then why we shall not be happy on the day when prophet mohammed ( SAWS ) was born if he would not come then you would not be a muslim. So celebrate it with in the limit of Sharia.

    May Allah save all the muslims form fitna.( Ameen )

  6. i wish we investigate the facts before telling others about it and may Allah give us strong faith. you have done a great job may Allah be pleased with you.

  7. We all must be happy and say thanks to Allah for blessing us with true faith and guidance. The one who is on the true path is never afraid of any thing except Allah .

    And Qayamah is really a good day for faithful people ,who are waiting to see their Lord and Creator .

    May Allah give us faith and vision to have his Taa-Jallee in this world and on the day of Qayamah.

  8. Ignorance is because no one reads Hadith or even Koran let aside understanding! It’s really shameful to attribute such hoax with Koran. About milaad, if it were good prophet should have celebrated that in his 23 years A.H life also sahabah should have done so after him. Fact is no one did! It’s another ambiguity in which jahil people are indulged.

  9. Well i dunno about he 2 moon stuff, regarding the sun rising from the west, i once heard the late ahmed deedat say that one of its meanings is that the Sun of Islam will rise form the west, and today if we see, islam is the fastest growing religion in the west…and we are having more Islamic missionaries from west than in the exisitng muslim countries. I agree with the biddah stuff…if we reallt love our Prophet (pbuh), make him a part of your daily life instead of remembering him just for a day and then forgetting bout him for the rest of the year!!!
    May Allah guide us all

  10. Instead of fearing that this maybe true and work towards your repentence. Some muslims are looking towards science to nullify the hypothesis of Qayamat. The real question is that has there been any recordings of a sighting of 2 moons in the past to claim that it will reappear in 2287? Scientifically this sighting should be a regular feature just like the eclipse but it is not so. Science has failed to explain powers of Burmuda Triangle. This secret shall unveil itself after the sighting of the 2 moons. My advise to everyone is to save your soul and look at the event as a good opportunity to fear that your sins will not be forgiven after this event and stop acting as proud sinners that Allah will Inshallah forgive their sins whenever they ask for it.

  11. its gud u clear the doubts about two moons and such stories but whats your education about islam dat u said at end that miladun nabi and sahbe mairaj are bidat even shab e mairaj has been discussed in quran so can u plz make ur self correct aswell who ever u are thank u Allah hafiz

  12. salaam,

    i recently received a text saying about this moon stuff and stuff about imaam mehdi and last sign of day of judgment and so on, i was reading through this article, and was very satisfied until the point where you said….the stuff bout ignorant muslims celebrating mawlid-un-nabi….and so on….i dont think YOU have Done your OWN research mate and have blindly folowed the teachings of your imaams and never bothered to look out into it. jsut a bit of advice my friend…look into this website minhaj.org. read about this amazing scholar Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri. im sure you will be interested once you have bothered to read but if you are the ignorant type you will totally ignore this message and wont even bother looking it up or anything. anyways me bruv. tc ma salaam.

  13. Ameen to your dua, jazakallah for all that you have said. i just recieved a message about the two moon hoax and thought i have never heard that the last sign of qayyamat is the appearance of two moons. so i thought i’d check it out. and so i came across this article. may ALLAH make people come on the right path of truth. Ameen. JAZAKALLAH once again.

  14. so is this a true sign or not…never heard of it.

    and lets for discussions sake just say it is…i dont know why the writer choose to balantly attack muslims as he pleased??

    they keep saying imam mehdi has been born..

    so if this is a sign…and it appears as 2 moons in the sky
    which i doubt..theres no reason to attack fellow muslims..atleast whatever the case…they still believe that there is an end..the qyamat..and talk about repentance
    i fail to see whats so tragic or wrong about that..

    come 27th august..lets see if there are proper 2 moons..come the 28th lets see if imam mehdi will show

    no point attacking thats all i have to say to the writer
    get a life

  15. salaam.
    I got a text this morning about 27th Aug 2008 saying there will be two moons. etc.. But i thought i would do some reseacrch first and came accross this site. plus we have been told about signs of day of judgment. Even if Judgment day was tomorrow we need to ask our selfs that are we ready for it.
    Another point, Nothing wrong in celebrating milad un nabi, as long its not mixed, and no missing of salah etc.. Plus there are two types of Bidat, a good Bidat and bad bidat. Good Bidat is the Tarwee pray we read in Ramadaan. Do ur own reasch on that one.


  16. Theres no need to insult Muslims in general now is there? I can understand where you are coming from but when rumours spread its obvious people are going to be gulliable enough to believe them. I am a Muslim and I know for a fact that it isn’t just Muslims who are spreading such rumours.

  17. salaam

    I read the writer’s information regarding the mildunabi and miraj un nabi and i got very disappointed why these whabi people do not realize the reality and refrain from saying the word bidah again and again without knowing anything. Celebrating eid-e- miladunabi is not bidah but it is a good act, and also the miraj is proven by quran so if you decline the narration of quran then you become kafir, plz read kalma again and do tajdeed of nikah and imaan, you are a jahil person…. i do dua O ALLAH keep us away from these kind of people who are whabi (Jahil Jahil Jahil)

  18. salam i had a text about the 2 moon will appear and also read on the bbc website that the 2 moon will appear on the 27 august as far as i know the last day of judgement is when the sun rise from the west.so i don’t know where the 2 moon comes from.idon’t know why they are giving false information’the dua is very nice mashahallah keep it up,

  19. Salaam Brothers,

    its a shame brother you so eagerly attack another brother for being Jahil, and then talk about anyone thats denying narraton of the quran. and then blame it on whabis. if you are so learned, did you forget that sectism is mentioned in the quran and is also not permitted but yet you so easily accuse whabis. and give further ground to what is so clearly prohibited in the quran.

    6:159 VERILY, as for those who have broken the unity of their faith and have become sects – thou hast nothing to do with them. [161] Behold, their case rests with God: and in time He will make them understand what they were doing.

    Brother we control what we do and say and if we want to be part of a sect or unite. lets protect each other regardless of sect.

    I hope i did not offend you brother, knowledge is power, lets use it for the well being of all our muslim brothers regardless of sect and help muslims unite and move Islam foward in a stronger and more posiive direction.

    P.S. i too received a TXT about the qayamat sign of the 2 moons. Dont follow the blind, read, learn and educate.

    Salaam My Brothers.

  20. Assalm o Alaikum Muslim brothers & sisters,

    It is indeed everyones duty to know the truth/fact for sure before passing it on to others which will inturn confuss us. There are already people in this world who tends to creat confusion in Islam, who like us re also the servants of Allah.

    However I request my brother to not to blame muslims so blatantly, you could have put this in a better way….

    Any ways, my dear muslim brothers & sisters let us perform the 5 commandments Allah has ordered us PROMPTLY and follow the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) instead of scratching our heads on this type of messages- Ameen!

    Let Allah guide us to the proper path – Ameen..

    Love to all my muslim brothers and sisters…

    Ramadan mubarak in Advance!!


  21. just got text about this. its a year late people. its 2008. Is this message been sent from the past? im confused
    why send it a year later?

  22. Assalaam Alaikum
    Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Please read Quran Hadith for the right and the wrong as every thing is written there, May Allah give us ability to understand the Quran Ameem
    May allah bless every muslim
    allah hafiz

  23. hey guyz i understand the “islamic confusion” but as long as you stick to the five pillars of islam inshallah you will all be granted heaven!!! oh and i think the two moons is just one of the signs of day of judgement not the last and i think it means that imam mehdi is near not already here!!!

  24. actually i have a doubt. beacuse you people are saying it is the the sign of judgment day but it is not. it has been said that after two moons no tauba would be accepted . but i am still confused about tis issue if any one can send me a mail about that plz i am waiting. judgment day is for sure but i am afraid of it. may allah have mercy on all of us ameen

  25. i canot belive it but the quran say is that will be happen than i want to belive it so if u have more details can u send to my mail.

  26. Thanks, this is a very good attempt. I don’t agree with the examples in this paragarph
    “The ignorant Muslims are applying the same strategy to their Ibadaat and blindly following each other, without any verification or own research. Some good examples of this is the celebration of Milad un Nabi, celebration of ShabeBaraat, celebration of ShabeMairaj etc. All these are bidaat and have no authenticiy.. just like this Moon Hoax.”
    But the message you tried to propagade is great.

  27. Asslamualikum

    Brothers and sisters Taubah is a passage to communicate with the almighty in the way he likes most. For he is the most merciful and most forgiving. We shouldn’t have to wait for signs to trigger something inside us to turn to the almighty for forgivness. The act of Taubah should be carried out by everyone due to the fear of Allah in thier hearts and the love of the prophet in their hearts.
    There are two sides to the message,
    If during the process of forwarding this message it has made a brother or sister stop and think about thier lives and has helped them to become stronger in thier iman then there has been a positive outcome. If however the message is being passed around just so the recipiant thinks wow the person who sent me this must be very islamic I need to hang around with them more then the outcome is a negative one.
    One of the tasks set to all humans is to seek knowledge. The true source of islamic knowledge is the Kora-an and hadith.
    As for the celebnration of auspacious islamic dates, this depends on how you celebrate. By fasting and reading the Kora-an is an acceptable way of celebrating. However inviting everyone that you know so that you can cook up a fantastic meal for them and after dessert sitting around chatting about the world is something that can be avoided. You really want to spend so much money then instead of cooking up a spread for those around you fortunate enough to have the means of providing for themselves, spend that money on people who are less fortunate and can’t even get clean water for themselves.Thier Duas is your fuel.
    Islam is a kind and peacful religion and that is what needs to be shown by our action.
    May Allah keep our iman steadfast in our hearts and me we follow the teachings of the prophet (PBUH).

  28. i’ve learned a new dua which is gr8, it goes (Hasbunallah wanayamal waqil wanayamal mola wanayamal masir) its gr8 for worries, and stress relief i hope you try it insha – allah!!!!!!!!

  29. brother zulfi salaam to you and every one,

    let me clarify to your self that what a wahabi person is. they are those arabs that belive in the true form of islam as it was at the time of the prophet pbuh. as far the milad celebration etc i have not found any factual info in relation to this as of yet therefore i can not comment. but for the biddah point some one made. biddah is biddah whether it is good or bad. the travee if i can recollect was intriduced by one of the khalifas. so therefore dont try to compare one self them. if one introduces something into islam, that can not be excepted. why………….. becos allah says to the prophet pbuh that to today i have completed my din on you. this statement in its self should be sufficient for the muslims.

    and as far as tahir ul qadri is concerned in my opinion he more politcal then religious…. why…………..you should check you tube where he is in a so called majlis where there is dancing. not women of course. and secondly one of friends told me that you are not allowed to study any other literature other then that of his…….. which do you think is right…….. A lad had gone to read salah at a different mosque other then that of qadri sahab. he advised that hes salah was invalid and that he had to perform it again. well that is for your. i welcome any critcism on me.

    and as far as the moon thing i would’nt give to much thought, i hope that we muslims have better things to do. let me tell you i used to study in pakistan during my early teens, during that a period we heard of a rumour that you will find human hair in all the copies of the quran. so we all went and checked and found it to be true. this was supposed to be a so called nishani of final day.
    so there you go

    advice to all muslim brothers and sisters…..read the quran with transaltion and tafseer…. and dont forget the hadith of the porphet pbuh

    may Allah swt guide you all.

  30. Salam,

    Somebody just text me today saying imam mehdi (A.S) was born after the 2 moons appeared. This just sounds wrong and Irrespective of that, what got me thinking was the fact that Israel very recently started killing all the children in palestine. Imam Mehdi is known to be born around that region and previously Jews have never had a calculation wrong. They calculated Hazrat Musa (a.s) birth right, and even Huzrat Muhammad (PBUH) birth right.

    Now leaving the moons out of it, do people think there is any correlation why jews have all of a sudden started killing every child alive in the region? they have always killed muslims but why all of a sudden such a major attack on the children?! simple genocide or is there more to it?

    Please Please Please don’t start telling me that moons thing is wrong, it cant b right, the lot! but please comment on the other issue raised.

  31. Hi, i was told just last night from a friend of mine that its stated that Al=Mahdi will be born when there are two moons seen in the sky, now what we muslims shouldnt do is cause divisions within ourself over silly petty things, lets just thank allah for everyday he gives us and ask for his forgiveness and show us the true path, when its time al-mahdi will surely come when allah wants him to come, and all the signs in the world are coming true. as for the two moons please dont think about this too much, as too many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ can cause satanic thoughts. be strong and be faithfull allah has planned best.

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